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Restaurant and Hotel Ceiling Cleaning

Restaurants, hotels and other businesses in the catering and leisure industry have some of the highest footfall of all. With high staff numbers necessary and huge numbers of patrons coming in and out on a daily basis, keeping clean is essential.

Most businesses in the sector will invest heavily in cleaning in the most obvious of places – floors, surfaces and everything that can be seen, but fewer consider the benefits and importance of ceiling cleaning. Your business’ ceiling could be harboring more than just dirt and grime, and what’s more, an unclean ceiling doesn’t give a great first impression.

More importantly, ceilings in kitchens and nearby areas may harbor germs and could pose a danger to your patrons. At Penn Jersey we offer restaurant and hotel ceiling cleaning in a way which ensures minimal disruption to your business. As an exclusive Ceiling Pro practitioner, we use their unique process to quickly and efficiently clean your acoustical ceilings, removing dirt, grime, odors and more. See the quality of our work on our Before and After Shots Page, you may not even have realized how dirty your ceiling was.

No Disruption
To Your Kitchen

Our process returns your ceiling to like-new condition and the process is quick and effective, ensuring you shouldn’t have to lose any business hours or close the premises.

Professional Ceiling Cleaning for Kitchens

Kitchens are among the busiest and most hectic workplaces around. Grease, oil and other food residue spread easily and while a good kitchen team ensures clean and hygienic floors and surfaces, the ceiling isn’t always as easy to deal with. We can provide professional ceiling cleaning for your commercial kitchen, ensuring sanitization, disinfection, and deodorization as well as complete cleanliness.

Penn Jersey Professional Ceiling Cleaning

Traditional cleaning methods work but can be time intensive. Alternatively, you may have considered replacing or painting your ceiling to deal with any cleanliness issues. Our commercial ceiling cleaning ensures better value than all these options. Our specially trained service crews will be in and out as quickly as possible, at your convenience. We appreciate that your business may operate 24/7 and ensure our work is quick and stress-free, so your business activity is uninterrupted.

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