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Window Cleaning

Penn Jersey’s window cleaning services can be applied to all windows, no matter their size or shape, or for that matter, the size and height of the building.

We offer a complete multistory, window cleaning service which will produce a mirror-like shine to your glass. Penn Jersey staff will work directly with you to craft an acceptable cleaning strategy. Whether a one off or an ongoing cleaning project, we will deliver all window cleaning projects on time, on budget, and to the highest of standards. We also offer a full environmentally friendly window cleaning service.

Penn Jersey Window Cleaning Services

High quality window cleaning has formed a crucial part of our core building services for over 47 years now. All of our staff are trained in the best techniques, safety, and equipment utilization possible. Our window cleaning services include:

Residential: We offer single clean and regular window cleaning services for all kinds of residential buildings, with all windows and sills cleaned by hand.

Commercial Window Cleaning:

Multistory: We relish any high rise challenge, be it a tower block such as student accommodation or 10 stories of offices.

Heritage Window Cleaning: Penn Jersey understand that there is a vast difference between cleaning a modern office block and antique windows. Each window will receive quality, dedicated care to help restore it to its former glory.

Guttering: Window cleaning requires more than see-through glass panes. We understand this and also include full gutter cleaning wherever the site requires it.

Pressure Washing: This service is also available, so please check our new pressure washing page.


Penn Jersey value quality window cleaning values which integrate staff safety with high quality window cleaning. We have seen it all over the last 47 years, but value new and old projects alike as a chance to showcase our abilities. As a proud West Philadelphian and American company, we hire local people, often from under-privileged areas, to help keep our city clean and looking fantastic.

How Much Should Window Cleaning Cost?

Window cleaning prices depend on the size of the building both in terms of height and the number of windows needing to be cleaned. This means that each specific window cleaning project has its unique cost and requirements. Each project pricing should strike a balance between high quality cleaning services - ensuring all windows are thoroughly cleaned and compliant with all health and safety requirements, while providing affordable window cleaning prices. Our Penn Jersey Sales Consultants will show you how prices are calculated, itemizing the whole bill, and explaining what each cost is for.

Emergency Window Cleaning?

Penn Jersey offers emergency window cleaning services. We are available for short notice emergency situations though costs may be higher than standard, appointed services. No matter the cause, we have seen it before and probably dealt with it in a building near you, so get in touch as soon as possible.

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