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Apartment Building Cleaning Services

Penn Jersey has been caring for Philadelphia's buildings, including apartment complexes and tenant buildings, for over 50 years. And we do this through offering our comprehensive, reliable and efficient apartment building cleaning service. Due to the varying occupancy and fast turnover common with apartment buildings, these environments require special attention.

Many tenanted apartment buildings have common areas which need to be kept clean. The areas include restrooms, kitchens and lobbies which are all used by residents and visitors throughout the day. Without proper cleaning and maintenance, these areas will fall into disrepair very quickly.

Keeping your tenants and residents happy should be a core priority for property managers and owners. Therefore, hiring a professional, quality apartment building cleaning service is essential.

Unfortunately, we often find that communal areas in apartment buildings are the least looked after by residents and tenants. To be fair to them, the upkeep and maintenance of communal spaces is not usually the tenants’ responsibility. They may want to keep it looking good. However, they know it is not their job and could become expensive in addition to cleaning their own homes.

Building owners need to provide clean and tidy public areas.

Penn Jersey are perfectly placed to deliver these essential apartment building cleaning services. Our experienced teams have worked in apartment blocks and complexes of all sizes across West Philadelphia. We have the tools and skills to deliver every on-site cleaning job without a hitch and can schedule cleaning to suit your requirements.

If your building is suffering from low occupancy rates or you have high tenant turnover, poor cleanliness and upkeep could be responsible. Investing in high-quality apartment cleaning services could help bring your building back to life. It may also attract a better quality of tenant.

Customized apartment building cleaning services

There’s no doubt that apartment buildings endure a lot. With the regular comings and goings of tenants and their visitors, the buildings need special attention.

A clean and well-maintained building means a safer environment for everyone. It also means a more attractive and appealing place to live. For Philadelphia’s apartment block owners, hiring a regular cleaning service can also help reduce ongoing maintenance costs too.

At Penn Jersey, we customize every cleaning schedule to meet the specific apartment complex requirements, business needs and budget. Our quality cleaning service will help keep residents happy, comfortable, and safe while also reducing tenant complaints.

We can also provide emergency cleaning solutions if accidents occur. Our teams are always be on hand for our contracted clients, ensuring your day-to-day cleaning rotas are maintained.

Our professional cleaning teams are ready and waiting to start working in your apartment building, ensuring it makes a great impression and all residents can be proud of where they live.

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Residential Building Cleaning Team

We always use the latest cleaning methods to eliminate all harmful bacteria and viruses from your building. We will leave you and your building residents with a cleaner, healthier environment to enjoy. Our cleaning service will see all common areas deep cleaned and sanitized.

Apartment Cleaning Services

We appreciate every apartment block and building is slightly different. We ensure all of our apartment building cleaning clients get a personally tailored service to suit their building and its residents.

Our process is effective and ensures all parties are happy. Firstly, we discuss our cleaning options and plans with all clients in advance. Once we’ve decided the best approach, we can arrange a schedule to suit your needs.

We recognize just how important it is to keep your block looking as clean and tidy as possible. If you have vacant apartments and want to attract new buyers or tenants, it is even more important your building is looking clean, well-kept and generally cared for.

Our range of options includes both reactive and contracted apartment building cleaning services, to suit your needs. Our teams can always be available to deal with cleaning and maintenance issues, in addition to your contracted hours. Below is a closer look at exactly what our services cover.

Our services include:

  • Deep cleaning of all floors to a professional standard
  • Stripping, waxing, buffing and polishing of hard floors
  • Upholstery cleaning
  • Maintaining clean garbage rooms, trash cans and chutes
  • Minor maintenance of common areas
  • Tidying and cleaning of parking lots, including commercial pressure washing where required.

Fast, responsive, reliable and friendly team

At Penn Jersey, we know that not all tenants take proper care of their apartment buildings. They may care for their apartment but the public areas are left to fall into disrepair. We provide a comprehensive apartment building cleaning services. All of property owner and manager clients feel confident in the general appearance of their property.

We employ an experienced and enthusiastic team of cleaners. Each member of our team is fully trained and able to maintain our high standards of cleanliness. Whether contracted to set hours or carrying out emergency apartment building cleaning, you can be sure the standard never drops.

We ensure every public area of the building gets the attention it needs. Our cleaning team will be there whenever you need them to help keep your property in top condition. Your apartment building will always be in safe hands with Penn Jersey.