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Trends in Green and Eco-Friendly Cleaning

What are the latest developments in green and environmentally-friendly cleaning?

A commitment to a greener and more sustainable world is not just something a few eccentrics and activists are focused on any more. Greener businesses and an eco-friendly approach to almost every aspect of life and work is becoming more normal. From The Bank of America cutting down their use of paper to Hewlett Packard’s commitment to recycling products from other companies as well as their own, the environment has become a key factor in all elements of business. When it comes to the cleaning industry there are many ways changes are being made for the better when it comes to the environment. Below we’re looking more closely at some of the most innovative and interesting trends in green cleaning changing how our industry operates and improves its eco-friendly credentials.

Packaging Changes

Traditionally, cleaning products have been packaged in heavy duty materials. Heavy packaging is the industry standard but current trends in sustainability suggest this is going to change. Packaging materials can only be limited if the products themselves changed in many instances. One big change the industry is seeing is that products are sold in concentrated formulas, meaning there is no need for the large amounts of packaging as before. However, with concentrated formulas comes the need for the use of more water, so this another ethical consideration for companies.

Dry Steam

As an alternative to potentially harmful and hazardous chemicals, some cleaning companies are opting for steam cleaning. Dry steam is particularly effective in dealing with some of the same problems that chemicals may be used for. Dry steam occurs when water is heated to very high temperatures. Dry steam has a higher pressure and less molecules than usual steam and it can clean dirt spots as well as killing potentially harmful microbes. Dry steam is also an effective disinfectant.

Microfiber Clothes and Shammies

Microfiber clothes are not a new invention. However, they are a very easy and inexpensive way of making cleaning greener. As the name suggests, microfiber cloths have smaller fibers than regular clothes, which allow them to pick up smaller particles. This makes them more effective and efficient in cleaning, meaning less energy is expended over the task.

Less Chemical Usage

The main way that cleaning is becoming eco-friendlier is through minimizing the use of chemicals. The effects of harsh chemicals are becoming more well-known and in turn, companies want their cleaning partners to look for eco-friendly alternatives. Cleaning chemicals come with warnings on their labeling and while this isn’t necessarily evidence enough of the need to cut back on them, there is significant evidence to suggest more natural methods are better for cleaning, even on a small scale. Many cleaning chemicals pose harm to health and they can easily become part of your workplace’s atmosphere and pose a threat to your workforce.

Choosing Green Cleaning Services

From window cleaning to commercial business cleaning there is no aspect of your business’ cleaning which cannot be made eco-friendlier. We are committed to finding safe and natural ways of cleaning all our clients’ premises and look to avoid chemical cleaners wherever possible. The real risk to the environment of using chemical cleaners is not something we’re willing to risk and we believe your business’ corporate social responsibility should mean you don’t want to risk it either. The whole world is becoming more aware of the need to be eco-friendly, and you can make the first steps by choosing a green and eco-friendly cleaning company.

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