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Keep it Green: More Reasons Eco-Friendly Cleaning is the Right Choice

Commit to a greener future and eco-friendly cleaning for your business.

We regularly discuss our commitment to green cleaning on our blog and it’s because it’s an ethos we want all our clients to get on board with. Greener approaches to cleaning make a real difference to our local community’s carbon footprint and minimize the damage we’re doing to our environment. Being kinder to the planet doesn’t need to be difficult and it’s beneficial for your business as well as the wider world.

Employing a green cleaning company as your contract or commercial cleaner brings many benefits. We help ensure you’re minimizing your air and water pollution and cutting back of hazardous chemicals. Here are some more reasons you should keep in mind when going green.

The Safest Choice

Why would you choose to pollute your surroundings and workplace with chemicals if you didn’t have to? Conventional cleaning products are often harmful to your health in a range of ways from corrosiveness which can damage skin to fumes which can harm the eyes and respiratory system. Green cleaning products utilize natural solutions and cleaners making them safer for cleaning and use in busy environments. Cleaning equipment is also maintained with sustainability in mind and training programs incorporate a commitment to and understanding of greener cleaning methods.

Efficiency Never at Risk

Some people believe that removing cleaning chemicals means a slower, less effective and efficient cleaning process. This simply isn’t true. Green cleaning also promotes minimizing waste and managing it more effectively. This in turn can mean that there is less cleaning to do as less waste to handle. Simple changes like installation of entry matting in reception areas can minimize the volume of contaminants being spread around the premises. This in turn means mopping, sweeping and other tasks can be carried out less frequently but to the same standard.

Promotes Healthy Workforces

Using the most common cleaning products which include chemicals and toxins can aggravate and even cause health conditions. They can aggravate allergies which people may already have or can even cause a range of health problems and respiratory conditions. Asthma and similar lung diseases can be severely aggravated by traditional cleaning products. Avoiding them altogether is better for a healthier and environmentally friendlier workplace. Without chemicals, your cleaners pose no risk to your employees or the environment. Green cleaning products are usually perfume free too so they can’t irritate the skin or throat through these additives either.

How to Go Green

Adopting a green cleaning program in your business does not have to be difficult or take up too much time. Partnering with Penn Jersey ensures your cleaning is carried out in the most environmentally friendly way every time. We ensure to use green cleaning products and procedures as well as highly trained and knowledgeable teams who are committed to our green ethos. There are also other changes you can make for a greener workplace such as minimizing single use plastics, looking for ways to be paper-free and minimize anything in your business which may be adding to your carbon footprint. Consider ride sharing cycling schemes and more to fully overhaul your business and be kinder to the environment. For greener cleaning get in touch with our team for help and guidance.

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