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Keep Campus Clean: Take Pride in your College's Appearance

Welcome students back to safe, clean classrooms

Living in the city that is home to America’s oldest university Penn means we know just how busy campus can get. We also know just how important it is to keep campus clean and as more students are able to head back to campus, it’s even more vital to keep them as clean and hygienic as possible. Professional cleaning companies are essential for the large and spacious nature of university campus. Here we’re looking at why it’s important to keep campus as clean as possible and how to ensure the highest levels of efficiency from your chosen company.

The Importance of a Clean Campus

Campus management simply can’t leave the cleaning down to the students or avoiding cleaning until the end of the semester. A clean campus is important because: *Health Campuses are some of the busiest places around, so the chance of germs and bacteria spreading quickly is high. Reducing the quality of your cleaning can have an instant negative impact on the health of students and staff. The last thing a productive campus wants is students and staff unable to attend. Sick days lead to decreased productivity and this in turn has a negative impact on overall results. Cleaning services should be of the highest affordable standard to ensure health risks are minimized.

*Productivity A healthy and clean campus is somewhere students and staff want to spend time. Research consistently shows a link between a healthy environment and productivity rates in the people there. Both staff and students will be more productive, and cleanliness includes good air quality, hygienic facilities, and open spaces clear of clutter to be enjoyed and used for academic purposes.

*Campus Reputation

To attract the best students and highly qualified staff, your college needs a good reputation. Dirty and untidy facilities will be noticed and remarked upon by visitors checking out the campus before considering it. Professional cleaning companies work with you to ensure a bright, clean and welcoming picture is shown to all prospective staff and students and this level of cleanliness sis maintained whether there are visitors or not.

*Safety and Longevity of Campus Assets

An untidy and messy environment can pose a hazard and risk the safety of staff, students and visitors. A good cleaning schedule is essential for safety as clutter could cause accidents or injuries and this in turn could result in lawsuits and claims for compensation.

Regular university cleaning will also ensure that any maintenance issues are caught before they become serious. Maintenance issues can be much harder to fix if they are left to become more serious. Carpet and furniture which is regularly cleaned and maintained will last much longer than if it is left. Cutting costs in your cleaning budget may seem like a good idea at the time but in the long run the results can be costly.

Find an Efficient University Cleaning Partner

The right cleaning company for your campus needs to understand both your budget and the level of cleanliness you want to deliver for all visitors. Keeping a campus clean can be difficult because of the size of the task but experienced professionals are more than able to ensure every inch is properly cleaned and kept in good order. Employing professional janitorial services means you can benefit from daily cleaning as well as scheduling deep cleans during vacations.

You should consider cleaning and recycling policies across campus to show the students you mean business. It’s no good having a crack cleaning team if the students are happy to litter and leave their trash out. If you create a clean and welcoming campus, they’ll want it to stay that way and do their part too.

We’re proud to work with many educational establishments and on campuses ensuring cleanliness remains a priority.

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