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The Impact of Weather on Window Cleaning: Best Practices for Every Season

How to keep your windows looking great in all weather

Here we are providing insights into the best practices for window cleaning throughout the year. It also highlights the advantages of professional window cleaning services for businesses, ensuring that they present a clean and professional image regardless of the season.

Spring: A Time for Renewal

Weather Challenges

In spring, windows face the challenge of inconsistent weather patterns, including frequent rains and fluctuating temperatures. Pollen counts can soar, leading to a buildup on window surfaces that not only looks unsightly but can also aggravate allergies.

Cleaning Tips

Regular Cleaning Schedule: Due to the unpredictability of spring weather, establish a more frequent cleaning schedule to tackle sudden dirt or pollen accumulation.

Pollen Removal: Use a soft brush or cloth to gently remove pollen before washing to prevent smearing.

Cleaning Solutions: A mixture of vinegar and water can be effective for removing tough grime without leaving residues that attract more dirt. Professional window cleaners will ensure they use the right chemical combination to ensure your windows are perfectly clean.

Optimal Timing: Aim for cleaning during the cooler parts of the day or when the sky is overcast to prevent rapid drying and streaking.

Summer: High Temperatures and Humidity

Weather Challenges

Summer heat can lead to the quick evaporation of cleaning solutions, resulting in streaks. Dust and pollution levels may be higher, and occasional thunderstorms can splatter windows with mud and dirt.

Cleaning Tips

Beat the Heat: Start early in the morning to avoid the midday sun which can cause streaking due to quick drying.

Durable Cleaning Solutions: Use a cleaning solution with a higher concentration to combat the effects of quick evaporation.

Regular Dusting: Dust windowsills and frames regularly to prevent the accumulation of dirt that can then transfer onto the glass.

Post-Storm Checks: After thunderstorms, promptly check and clean windows to prevent dirt from setting in. You can also call in professionals to handle disaster recovery.

Fall: Preparing for the Colder Months

Weather Challenges

Fall brings its own set of challenges with falling leaves, increased rainfall, and potential early frosts. Leaves and debris can get trapped in window sills, leading to stains or decay if not removed promptly.

Cleaning Tips

Comprehensive Cleaning: Fall is an ideal time for a thorough cleaning to remove the buildup from the summer and prepare for winter.

Debris Management: Regularly inspect and clean window sills to prevent debris accumulation.

Protective Measures: Consider applying a protective sealant to help windows repel water and dirt.

Frost Prevention: On colder days, use warm water for cleaning to prevent frost formation on the glass.

Fall is also a great time to call in professionals for deep cleaning services, getting your windows ready for the coldest time of the year.

Winter: Navigating the Cold

Weather Challenges

The primary challenge in winter, especially in Philadelphia, is the low temperatures, which can make traditional cleaning methods less effective. Snow and ice can also accumulate around window frames, potentially causing damage.

Cleaning Tips

Anti-Freeze Solutions: Utilize cleaning solutions with anti-freeze properties to prevent water from freezing on the window surface.

Quickly Handle Ice: Regularly check for and gently remove any ice buildup around window frames to prevent long-term damage.

Consider Indoor Air Quality: Focus on keeping the interior side of the windows clean to maintain indoor air quality, especially in tightly sealed buildings. Build up of condensation can quickly lead to damp and mold which can be dangerous.

Professional Window Cleaning Services for Businesses

As specialists in window cleaning, the Penn Jersey team work in all weathers and ensure our clients windows are kept in top condition on a schedule set by them. We provide contract window cleaning to businesses around the city and can also turn up for a one-off or special cleaning project if that’s what you need. Contact our team to ensure your windows are always looking their best.

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