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Covid-19 (Novel Coronavirus) Cleaning Service Philadelphia

Penn Jersey is proud to offer a Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) disinfection and cleaning service to prepare businesses to reopen after the shutdowns and closures caused by the pandemic. As an essential service, the Penn Jersey team has been working diligently throughout the shutdowns keeping existing client premises clean and obtaining COVID-19 certifications to prepare for the reopening of the economy.

Penn Jersey provides Coronavirus cleaning across West Philadelphia and beyond. Our Covid-19 cleaning services are possible due to our experience in biozhard remediation and general high-level specialist cleaning projects. We can provide full disinfection from viruses, and have the experience and equipment, including disinfecting misters, required to remove traces of the virus following current industry best practices.

We have served the area offering the commercial cleaning Philadelphia needs for decades and are services have adapted and advanced to ensure comprehensive COVID-19 cleaning.

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Your COVID-19 Cleaning Partner

The spread of the Novel Coronavirus across the US has led to the need for regular and professional cleaning services. We are prepared and available to support local businesses in their Coronavirus clean up and disinfection, ensuring your business has followed current State mandated and industry best practices to prepare for reopening.

Our teams work safely utilizing the correct personal protective equipment (PPE) and the right tools and products for effective decontamination.

Coronavirus Cleaning across All Industries

The Penn Jersey team can provide comprehensive Covid-19 cleaning services across many different industries including:

  • Commercial and Industrial Environments – we can clean up contaminated areas in hospitals, hotels, offices, restaurants, warehouse spaces and factories. This is not an exhaustive list and if you need any cleaning services, just get in touch.
  • Residential Developments – we work with property managers, landlords and companies to provide residential cleaning services and regular janitorial care for medium to large residential units. These services can be further extended to cover emergency decontamination during Covid-19.

Understanding Covid-19

The 2019 Novel Coronavirus is a new strain of a known group of viruses, first discovered in Wuhan in China. It is highly contagious which is how we have reached the stage of a global pandemic. Its technical name is SARS-CoV-2 and it can be infectious outside its host for for as long as nine days according to the CDC. This means clean up procedures must be comprehensive as the virus can infect via contact with contaminated surfaces as well as from person-to-person. The destroy Covid-19 on surfaces a two-step process is necessary. Thorough cleaning and disinfection must both take place for a space to be free of a virus. Our professional cleaning teams ensure to carry out all recommended steps for cleaning, while this isn’t always the case without professional help.

Often people move straight to disinfecting surfaces without the cleaning with soap and water beforehand. Penn Jersey are ready and fully available to carry out Coronavirus cleaning services for both our existing customers and anybody in the area who needs our help during these trying times.

Note: Ensure your business follows all State mandated guidelines before reopening. Cleaning, misting or disinfecting a property does not stop recontamination once you reopen if a member of staff or customer subsequently enters your property. Penn Jersey follows industry best practices and guidelines but as a novel virus there are currently no 100% guaranteed processed and products.