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Green And Eco-Friendly Commercial Cleaning

Providing a non-toxic, environmentally friendly, and safe housekeeping, building maintenance and window cleaning services to companies and institutions throughout the Greater Philadelphia area and beyond. We are fully committed to finding safe and natural alternatives to hazardous chemical cleaners.

What Is Environmentally Friendly Cleaning?

Environmentally-friendly cleaning focuses on ensuring all cleaning products and processes are as green and eco-friendly as possible. Through using natural, and safe cleaning products we can limit the harm we do to the environment.

More and more companies are making a commitment to reducing their environmental footprint, and to eliminating their use of potentially harmful chemicals throughout their businesses. Penn Jersey is able to support those initiatives through selecting natural, safe alternatives to traditional cleaning products, as well as committing to the use of recycled products throughout our business.

You can read more about some of the reasons why businesses are switching to our green cleaning product in our health guide below:

Cleaning Products To Avoid If You Have Allergies

Green Cleaning Philadelphia

Opting for green cleaning products allows us to ensure a safer and healthier environment for all. The risks of chemical contamination, allergens in any environment in which we work. We are committed to minimizing our own impact on the environment and are able to transfer this commitment to our clients and customers too, ensuring their premises are kept spotlessly clean without the use of unnecessarily harsh and environmentally damaging chemicals.

Why Go Green?

Why should your business care about green and environmentally friendly cleaning? More and more consumers are aware of the environmental damage caused by businesses of all sizes and showing your commitment to eco-friendly practices will satisfy and even impress your customer base.

What’s more, the real risk to the environment from chemicals and pollutants cannot be underestimated. As a socially and environmentally responsible business you should want to ensure you contribute as little as possible to the pollution in the atmosphere.

Clean And

It has always been possible to achieve a sparkling, clean finish, without the use of abrasive chemicals, however innovative new approaches to a holistic eco-friendly cleaning strategy are a newer development. Penn Jersey is proud to be a leader in providing a complete green cleaning service to our customers. Natural cleaning products are safer for health, hygiene and keeping your premises clean without the risk of corrosion or damage to surfaces, floors and walls.

Achieving The Goal

Penn Jersey is 100% committed to reducing our environmental footprint, offering greener cleaning services and minimizing our impact on the world’s increasing pollution levels. We do this through:

  • Using only non-toxic line of cleaning products that help reduce the indoor air pollution created by most conventional chemical cleaners.
  • Using reusable micro-fiber rags, reusable dust & wet mops, recycled paper products, biodegradable trash bags and Sanitaire vacuums that contain sealed HEPA filtration system & bagless design.
  • Using only recycled paper products and diligent recycling practices within our offices.
  • Diminishing our eco-footprint through resource conservation, green purchasing, and carbon neutralization.

Ethical Cleaning

Our ethos extends beyond supporting the environment through the use of green products, and recycling throughout our business. We’re also proud to employ, on a fair living wage, almost all of our staff from the Philadelphia 19104 community. Supporting both businesses and residents in the area we serve.

Our commitment to Philadelphia and Philadelphians ensures our local company has a strong family feel and we truly care about every one of our staff and our clients.

More Green Cleaning Services

Green Cleaning Services for your Philadelphia Business

Whether you are already committed to an eco-friendly and sustainable cleaning strategy in your business or not, Penn Jersey can help. As well as ensuring natural cleaning products and traditional methods are used, we ensure all our employees are trained and aware of exactly why eco-friendly services are the best option.

We won’t try and convince you that you need to go green, but our commitment to this ensures our services are delivered in an environmentally friendly manner for your business.

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