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Green And Eco-Friendly Window Cleaning

Giving your windows that mirror-like shine that we’re famous for, while using only non-toxic, environmentally friendly, and safe products. Our team are experienced working with all types of windows, from high-rise to inside-and-out cleans.

How Is Environmentally Friendly Window Cleaning Different

Not only can eco-friendly window cleaning be better for the environment than traditional methods, that include extra chemicals with the cleaning water, but they can result in a shine that lasts longer. Some traditional methods include chemicals that result in residues, and detergents can result in a sticky film, both of which combine to allow grime and dirt to accumulate more quickly than after a pure water clean.

  • Reduced residue and grime
  • Clean pure water
  • No toxic or harmful ‘run off’ after a clean
  • That mirror like shine lasts for longer

The other obvious difference, as made clear in the name, is the environmentally friendly nature of our cleaning services. We care about sustaining our town and the wider world and not adding to the huge chemical pollution levels already present across the globe. Our experienced team share our ethos and ensure eco-friendly principles are adhered to on every window cleaning job.

Why should you consider eco-friendly window cleaning?

You may or may not already be committed to a green strategy in your business. Despite this, your customers and consumers in general are more aware of their environment and the damage that is being done by pollution and chemicals. The more business show they care, the better impression they make to their customers. What’s more, you should want a safer and cleaner environment for all, just like we do.

Chemicals and pollutants do damage to the environment, this is undisputed. You can choose to minimize their spread by opting for non-chemical environmentally friendly window cleaning with Penn Jersey. We can help you limit your business’ contribution to the world’s pollution and reduce your carbon footprint.

Environmentally Friendly

You don’t have to compromise between your desire for a mirror-like shine, and a cleaner, eco-friendly window clean. Penn Jersey’s team is committed to providing companies with great results without compromising their environmental credentials.

All Window Types Cleaned

Our team has the experience, and equipment to clean all commercial and institutional premises throughout the Philadelphia area. We’ve worked on high-rise blocks near you, as well as some of the most famous buildings downtown.

More and more companies are embracing a greener approach to all their company practices, and now there’s no need to compromise when it comes to cleaning either. Minimizing water use, eliminating harmful chemicals, and delivering the results you’re used to from traditional methods - often even better - is all part of our green window cleaning service.

Utilizing traditional cleaning methods and products avoiding the use of dangerous and toxic chemicals, we leave your windows shining and your conscience clear when it comes to the environment. Whether you’re newly awakened to the need to show your business’ eco-friendly spirit or have always had this environmentally conscious approach we’re ready to partner with you for the journey. Our cleaners are experienced and dedicated to delivering our green services, designed to the best results, with the environment and your business in mind.

Why does Eco-Friendly Cleaning Matter?

You may have already adopted a greener approach to business. You may be operating paperless office or be dedicated to recycling in the office. Cleaning is another area you can make a significant difference.

On one level it is better for the environment if you opt for eco-friendly cleaning for your business, on another, there are countless hazards in traditional chemical cleaners which you should want to avoid. Many of the chemicals in standard anti-bacterial cleaners, for example, are packed with toxins dangerous to our health and the health of the environment.

As a responsible employer it is up to you to protect the wellbeing and health of your workforce. Opting for a more natural approach to window cleaning and other types of cleaning in the workplace helps to protect your employees’ health.

Our Eco Values

Penn Jersey is also committed to green and ethical practices throughout our business, including fair pay, maximizing our use of recycling, and supporting the thriving community to which we belong. If you’re looking for a partner that’s committed to your business’ environmental ethos, Penn Jersey is ready to get shining those windows. Philadelphia is our home as much as it is yours and we want to keep our environment as clean and green as we can.

We care about our local environment as well as the wider world and believe it’s only right your business does too. If you are interested in finding out more about Penn Jersey’s green and eco-friendly window cleaning services get in touch today.

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