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Office Equipment Cleaning in Philadelphia

Office hardware can rapidly deteriorate because of static, grease and dust accumulating, causing condition a devastating downgrade in performance. A regular cleaning service will reduce downtime from hardware failure, and guard against the loss of important data.

Most major equipment manufacturers recommend to clean equipment every three months to maintain it in premium working order. However, PC hardware and computer equipment requires specialist high-tech cleaning. That’s why Penn Jersey employs a team of specialist technicians to produce excellent cleaning results with no risk to equipment.

We offer an unrivalled service, unique to the needs and requirements of every individual client. We save your business valuable time. Your technical staff can concentrate on technical issues, rather than cleaning equipment.

Rely on Penn Jersey for office equipment cleaning

Many companies hire cleaning services to attend to the general office space. Meanwhile, extremely valuable office equipment gathers dust, dirt and germs and eventually falls into poor condition. IT and office equipment is often one of the biggest investments a company makes. Therefore, it makes complete financial sense to look after this equipment properly.

By hiring Penn Jersey’s office equipment cleaning services, you can keep your office equipment clean, hygienic and above all, prolong its life. We use cleaning products manufactured specifically for cleaning office equipment. Our cleaning method leaves an invisible film on your equipment. This provides anti-static protection to help prevent the build-up of dirt between scheduled cleaning visits.

Keeping office equipment
Clean & Hygienic

There are many health and safety issues associated with dirty office equipment. It’s common for office equipment to become polluted by drink, food and people sharing work stations. But a dirty workplace can easily become an ideal home for harmful bacteria to breed. At Penn Jersey, we enable our clients to meet their health and safety obligations. We specialize in removing dirt and grime in the workplace. This minimizes the spread of infection, risk of equipment breakdown and can help reduce staff absence due to illness. Dirt, dust and grease can build up on computers, including the screen, keyboard and other hardware. Poor cleaning and maintenance of equipment may lead to a deterioration of general performance, or worse, a complete system breakdown. Penn Jersey provides professional office equipment cleaning services that ensure our customers’ office equipment remains clean, dust-free and hygienic.

Clean office equipment boosts productivity

No-one wants to go to work in an office that’s grubby and dirty. Providing a clean and tidy working environment will help employees feel positive about their workstation, boosting morale and productivity. After all, it’s much easier to work with a clean monitor, not covered in fingermarks. Furthermore, a sticky keyboard will only slow people down and cause frustration. Regular cleaning and maintenance leaves office equipment looking newer for much longer. It also creates a much better impression with your visitors and customers. If you notice your equipment becoming dirty and poorly maintained, then so will they.

Office cleaning services in Philadelphia

Using our office equipment cleaning service will help your office equipment to last much longer. Build-up of dust and dirt can cause equipment to overheat, data corruption, malfunction and vast amounts of down time. By keeping your office equipment clean, we help our customers operate more efficiently and protect their investment in their equipment.

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