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Restaurant Cleaning Philadelphia

If customers see a shabby, dirty looking restaurant they lose all faith in it, no matter how good the food it. Penn Jersey are there to help you clean your restaurant whether you need a total turnaround, need to deal with an emergency, or just want a regular cleaning service.

Penn Jersey are a West Philadelphia cleaning company employing local Americans to help restaurants of all shapes and sizes provide great food for their customers.

Comprehensive Restaurant Cleaning

The Penn Jersey cleaning service is comprehensive, we have the skill, knowledge, equipment, and energy to undertake all kinds of routine cleaning to ensure your restaurant looks fantastic, and all your food is safe for consumption. This includes:

  • Kitchen sanitization and cleaning
  • Floor cleaning and polishing
  • Restaurant toilet cleaning and sanitization
  • Window cleaning services

The restaurant cleaning services your business needs will depend on your circumstances. At Penn Jersey, we provide Philadelphia restaurants and hospitality businesses with a range of cleaning services. We can help bring your business back to its best or provide deep cleaning services for even the most unclean kitchens and diners.

Food Hygiene, Cleanliness and Your Patrons

No one wants to eat in an unclean restaurant, but what is more worrying is what guests can’t see. Keeping your back of house clean and tidy is as important as what your patrons can see. Our team are highly experienced in keeping all areas of restaurants, hotels and all premises serving food and drink clean, spotless and safe.

The risks to your patrons should you be cooking in an unclean kitchen or working in an unclean bar environment are extremely high and it simply isn’t worth it. Deep cleaning services may be annual, but you need to keep on top of the regular cleaning duties too, to ensure food safety and general hygiene in your premises.

Outbreaks of food poisoning and the spread of bacteria are much harder to contain (and much more likely to happen) in unclean restaurant environments. For the health of your patrons and the reputation and best practice of your business, professional cleaning is a sound investment. All food businesses should carry out a comprehensive standard of cleaning, but investing in additional professional restaurant cleaning services will help ensure the highest levels of cleanliness across your premises.

Clean And

Not all cleaning projects are regular or easy to predict. Sometimes things just happen which need our specialized emergency attention. You want your restaurant turned around as fast as possible and as effectively as possible.

Restaurant Turnaround Cleaning

Every restaurant should have a complete turnaround cleaning service done at least once a year. This goes far deeper than a normal service clean. It pulls the restaurant apart, cleans every inch to industry standards and beyond, and ensures the good, long term safety of food preparation, working environment, and eating environment. This includes:

  • Full kitchen deep clean
  • Roof repair and cleaning including moss removal
  • Floor repair

Emergency Restaurant Cleaning

Penn Jersey have the experience to handle almost any emergency at your restaurant - we’ve seen it all, probably just around the corner too. Our emergency cleaning includes:

  • Fire damage
  • Flood damage
  • Storm damage
  • Toxic spills
  • Mold

Professional Restaurant Cleaning Philadelphia

Dining out in Philadelphia should be a memorable experience for the right reasons and a clean, tidy and attractive premises is the first thing your guests look for. Working with Penn Jersey you can provide all visitors to your restaurant with a fantastic dining environment which is clean and hygienic from floor to ceiling.

We work to ensure no stain is missed and every possible cleaning standard is met on all occasions. Whether you need regular contract services, keeping on top of your cleaning roster, or have a large restoration project in need of a full clean-up our team and help, and are more than ready and willing to do so.

No matter your restaurant cleaning needs, Penn Jersey are the Philadelphia cleaning service for you. We have the skills, equipment, and people you need, so get in touch either by phone on 2015 382 1105 or email us at

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