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Special Cleaning Projects

Penn Jersey’s special projects cleaning services are designed to help you prepare the cleanest possible site ready for commercial or residential use.

We offer complete new build, post build, renovation, and under construction cleaning services tailored to each site’s unique requirements. Penn Jersey team members will assist you in designing a unique cleaning strategy and will then implement it fully, delivering to you, a complete full-service job, on time, on budget, and meeting all of the agreed objectives and goals.

What are Special Cleaning Projects?

Special cleaning projects fall outside of normal cleaning such as windows, offices, buildings in use, accommodation blocks, but are also not usually emergency hazards such as toxic spills, flooding, accidental spillages, or mold. We tend to break our special projects down into four construction and renovation related types:

New Build: The new building is up, everything is installed, decorated, and ready to go, but not quite. Once everything is done, it needs a final, whole building clean to make it perfect for the new employees, managers, customers or residents to move in. We provide this building service better than anybody in the area!

Post Build: You have finished constructing the building, the windows are in place, the walls sturdy, floors ready, but there’s a fine layer of dust. It feels like a building site still. Penn Jersey are well versed in removing this layer and feeling, leaving the empty shell you need in perfect condition to apply the last stage - turning it into a thriving building.

Under Construction: Within strict health and safety conditions, we are able to step into a construction zone and offer cleaning services as required. Whether this is to deal with hazardous substances or to prepare sites for use, we’ve got the trained operatives.

Renovation: Stripped back and ready for a new lease of life. Not all buildings are static objects. We understand this and have trained our staff to help renovation crews strip a building back and provide a clean environment for changes to be made. Furthermore, as with new builds, we are able to offer a thorough pre-use clean once the renovation has been completed.

Seen It All

Our clients come to us because with 47 years working in the 19104 area, and across Philadelphia cleaning buildings for all different types of commercial clients, we're ready for just about anything. Even if you have a completely non-standard project that needs completing on a tight deadline, we're ready to step up and help you restore your premises to immaculate condition.

All Penn Jersey staff are highly trained with experienced project leaders. They receive specific training for each element of the special projects cleaning process and each job is meticulously planned in conjunction with you, the client.

How Much Should Special Project Cleaning Cost?

Special projects vary greatly in price depending on the unique needs of each particular site. They should strike a balance between providing a good service - maintaining high cleanliness, safety and health standards - and being affordable. Penn Jersey prides itself on creating unique cleaning plans tailored to each specific project while keeping the price as low as possible without hurting standards. Our Sales Consultants offer transparent cleaning pricing which they will work with you on, will break down into item by item chunks, and they will explain how prices are calculated, so you will not get a surprise in the future.

Emergency Special Projects?

You can order short notice special project cleaning from Penn Jersey. There are all kinds of reasons why you might require our services without a pre-planned strategy. Whether it’s the result of an accident or you being let down by another provider, we’ve seen it all and dealt with it. Just get in touch and we’ll sort out your cleaning problems.

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