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Banks and Financial Institutions Cleaning Services

The banking and financial world is one of the most competitive and fast-paced of all sectors globally. That's why a professionally maintained banking facility can become crucial for locking down those vital new accounts. For over 5 decades, Penn Jersey has provided quality and reliable commercial cleaning services for the financial services sector right across Philadelphia. We specialize in the [commercial cleaning Philadelphia]( banks and businesses have come to rely on. Our bank cleaning services ensure your premises is welcoming, hygienic and creates a positive first impression.

Why choose Penn Jersey?

We have over 50 years’ experience providing professional cleaning services to Philadelphia’s banks and other businesses in the financial sector. Throughout this time, we have served numerous clients, helping them to create both a welcoming and sanitary environment for their business. In fact, we are extremely proud of our high client retention. Our clients recognize the high standard of our services and continue to work with us year after year.

All of our banking and financial sector clients benefit from unparalleled levels of service. Our bank cleaning service ensures all areas are perfectly maintained, keeping our clients happy as well as their customers. Every client benefits from our dedicated customer care and commitment to providing a reliable service with highly trained cleaning technicians.

Our professional bank cleaning teams can build a cleaning schedule around your opening hours. We will come to your premises whenever suits you and ensure everything is perfectly clean and ready to impress your customers. We will work around you to minimize disruption, so you can focus on business’ goals. We will work with you to provide you with the most cost effective bank cleaning package that suits all your needs.

We employ highly experienced professional cleaning teams, used to working in banks and financial institutions of all sizes. Whether you run a huge, traditional bank or a small local branch, a reliable cleaning service is essential. We can send in teams of any size to suit your business. We are dedicated to keeping your bank as clean as possible.

Why do I need a professional bank cleaning service?

Working with the professionals ensures your bank is ready for customers at any hour of the day. What’s more, the significant footfall in most banks means you need to keep on top of cleanliness as a priority. Smears on glass, dust building up and dirty floors don’t send the right message in the world of finance.

Professionalism is essential to keep your customers loyal and cleanliness must be a vital part of your overall business standards.

Professional Bank Cleaning Services
across Philadelphia

At Penn Jersey, we know that providing a spotless and professional working environment for your staff and clients is essential. Our expert cleaning team will work with you to ensure that we understand and deliver exactly what you require. Anyone visiting your premises will be impressed by the exceptional high standards.

We specialize in the commercial cleaning Philadelphia banks and businesses have come to rely on. We provide a quality commercial cleaning and specialized service that will not just impress you, but your staff and clients too. Our expert bank cleaning operatives will provide:

  • Internal and external window and glass cleaning
  • Dusting and wiping display cases, kiosks and counter tops
  • General office cleaning; including break rooms, public areas, meeting and conference rooms
  • Specialist carpet and hard floor cleaning services and upholstery cleaning
  • Washroom deep cleaning and providing general lavatory supplies
  • Specialist office equipment cleaning
  • Special event clean-up
  • ATM cleaning
  • Parking lot sweeping and commercial pressure washing

Setting the standard for financial institution and bank cleaning

We understand that you want your clients to always start their visit with a great first impression. From when they first walk through your doors, you want them to enter a fresh and clean banking facility. At Penn Jersey, our cleaning teams will help you create that great first impression and ensure it is long-lasting.

The economic climate means banks are working hard to hold onto their customers. Making sure you go the extra mile in all areas of your business is essential. From the floors in your reception to the carpets and desk spaces in meeting rooms, cleanliness matters. It will impact your reputation if you do not keep it clean.

Take the time to ensure you provide a great experience for every customer. It help to will improve your retention rates and increase recommendations too. You want every customer to walk out satisfied and impressed with your institution.

At Penn Jersey we are proud to continue to set the standard across Philadelphia for all commercial cleaning. That’s thanks to our reliable, dedicated and friendly team of cleaning experts. We bring our knowledge and extensive experience to each project we undertake.

Our dedication to providing the highest level of cleaning and sanitation ensures high levels of services for all our customers. We consider cleanliness essential to your facility’s safe and successful operation.

We are ready and waiting to work with your business and help it to stand out for the right reasons.

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