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New Green Cleaning Service

Penn Jersey doesn’t just support our local community as an employer and service provider, right here in 19104, we also do our part for the future with our complete range of eco-friendly commercial cleaning services.

Window Cleaning

For close to 50 years, cleaning windows has been a crucial part of our building maintenance services. Each of our crews are well trained in utilizing our equipment for the best possible results and safety standards.

Janitorial & Custodial

No janitorial or custodial task is too large or too small for Penn Jersey. Old buildings, new builds, clean outs, flood responses, and floor waxing - we do them all and all of your general janitorial needs.

Commercial Site Cleaning

Our decades of commercial cleaning experience makes Penn Jersey the perfect partner to bring your facility immaculate - we are able to comply with all of your safety and subcontracting requirements.

Mold, Floods & Toxic

No matter the emergency, whether the challenging situation involves toxic substances, mold growth, flooding or the difficulty of cleaning a lift shaft - we have the trained teams ready to get the difficult job done.

Special Projects

Not all projects fit into neat niches, some require tailored services involving teams with specialized training. At Penn Jersey we have the teams to clean new builds, post builds, and even those under construction.

Building Cleaning

No matter how tall, no matter how big, or complicated, we can clean your building from top to bottom including specialized units, food production, retail, manufacturing, and accommodation areas. No job is too tough.

Floor Care

Penn Jersey have over 4 decades of experience in cleaning all manner of floors. Whether you require a wood floor, laminate floor, tiled, concrete or carpeted floor to be cleaned, we have the expertise and equipment to do the best possible job.

Pressure Washing

Penn Jersey’s pressure washing services guarantees you the best cleaning results possible. Our services range in size and cover many types of surface or material suitable to high pressure water cleaning including outdoor surfaces, plazas, walls, and building exteriors

Roof Cleaning

Penn Jersey offer 50 years of experience in cleaning roofs of all styles, sizes, and shapes. Our services are expertly crafted to suit your specific needs from routine cleans to full, deep cleans designed to bring your roof back to how it looked when it was brand new.

Whatever Project You Have In Mind, We've Probably Done It Hundreds Of Times Before


Office, apartment, moving in and moving out, construction, and emergency cleaning.


Dorm buildings, bathroom, kitchen, floors, walls, high ceilings, and office cleaning.


Available at short notice, wide range of services and experienced staff.


West Philadelphia based, Baring Street, with local staff and deep community connections.


We work with you to craft cleaning strategies tailored to your unique needs.


Extensive health and safety training, modern equipment, protection is our priority.