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In 19104 For 47 Years

A Community Business

Since joining Penn Jersey in 1986, Glenn Stieffenhofer has combined his passion for the business with a firm commitment to the Philadelphia 19104 community. He’s continued to build upon the traditions of company founder, Ruby Katzin. Despite a 7 year sabbatical as Associate Director of Housing at the University of Pennsylvania, Glenn continued to expand the business including doubling the workforce, expanded services, and maintaining first class services.

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47 Years of Uninterrupted Service

To University of Penn

47 years ago, Ruby Katzin, founder of Penn Jersey, moved his business to West Philadelphia so it could better serve students, staff and management of The University of Pennsylvania. In conjunction with the university, he spent decades developing links within the broader community and expanding the business to commercial services spread across the entire city.

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Our Family

Is Philadelphia West

“My name’s Cliff Katzin, and I’ve worked at Penn Jersey all my adult life. I was a young man when my father started this business 47 years ago, and under his guidance and determination, I’ve taken on the values which have driven our growth over the years. One of the biggest benefits of choosing Penn Jersey is our longevity; we’ve been there, seen it all, and cleaned it.”

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We've Seen It All Before

Ready For Anything

“Hey there, I’m Dom Randell, and I’m one of the newest folks here at Penn Jersey. Since joining two years ago, I’ve undertaken full training including putting safety first, and the use of specialist equipment. At first I was assigned a mentor, who continues to work with me today. Before any job, we prepare thoroughly, check equipment, and make sure we’re ready to do the best job possible.”


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