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University Cleaning

Penn Jersey’s University cleaning services will assist you in your goal of having the most sparkling, conducive learning environment possible.

We offer complete housekeeping, whole campus, and emergency cleaning services tailored to your unique needs. Penn Jersey team members will work with you to design a cleaning strategy, whether as a one off or as an ongoing service, which is delivered to the highest possible standards, maintains all legal and safety requirements, meets our agreed goals and objectives, and is delivered on time and on budget.

What University Cleaning Services Do We Provide?

There are a range of services we can provide universities in the Philadelphia area. These cover school buildings, student accommodation, lecture rooms, libraries, food preparation and consumption areas, and science labs. Our specific building services can include:

  • Floor maintenance
  • Carpet shampooing and upholstery cleaning
  • Bathroom disinfecting and shower sanitization
  • Linen services
  • Gym and fitness center cleaning
  • Special event set up and cleaning
  • Escalator and elevator cleaning services
  • LEED standard green cleaning

In addition to this, we cover all general cleaning including lobbies, offices, and lounge areas as well as those mentioned above.

47 Years Uninterrupted
Service To UPenn

Ruby founded this company on the back of a two page contract with the University of Pennsylvania that has spanned almost five decades. Although it's a much longer document these days, the foundation of the service has always remained the same. A clean, safe and immaculate environment for faculty, and students. All the work is completed by staff who live in our great local community.

The Big Summer Turnaround

University campus buildings are used year round whether as places to live and study or to work, or for special events, courses, seminars, and sporting events. They are also cleaned year round either by specialized companies such as Penn Jersey or by on campus cleaning teams.

There is, however, one time of year when a specialized cleaning team is required. Every summer, one year’s worth of students move out of their halls, and a few months later, the next batch will move in. We understand this is a crucial time when the small, weekly or monthly cleaning is converted into an entire campus clean. These are deeper, more thorough, and designed to bring the university up to peak condition with all problems repaired, floors shiny, windows cleaned, and facilities ready to welcome the next crop of minds.

Penn Jersey recognize the importance of the Summer Clean and have developed, designed, and implemented careful cleaning campaigns for a number of university campuses of various sizes. We are able to work with you to produce the best possible cleaning strategy, run in conjunction with faculty staff and administrators, and taking into account all of your summer activities.

Emergency Cleaning

On some occasions events lead to a situation where regular university campus cleaning teams cannot solve the problem. These range from new builds to spillages, flooding to toxic substances, and mold. We have specialized staff members who are vastly experienced in all possible cleaning situations - in fact, many of them will have taken place not far from your campus.

If you are presented with a situation - either expected or more likely, unexpected, and need emergency cleaning help, get in touch. Our Penn Jersey staff are only too happy to work with you to create an emergency reaction plan, to call in trained teams to enact the plan, and carry out a full inspection to ensure it is adequately dealt with.

Proud to provide a clean learning environment

Colleges and Universities can be complex, widespread and often incredibly large organisations. That’s why it’s important that we provide a highly organised and also reliable cleaning service. Even compact sites provide vastly different facilities and challenges. So, we’ve made it our business to understand just what this means for you. Our college and university cleaning services include:

  • General cleaning, which includes walkways, libraries, offices, classrooms and residence halls.
  • Gyms.
  • Hard floor cleaning and maintenance.
  • Carpet cleaning.
  • Elevator and escalator cleaning.
  • Toilet cleaning and disinfecting.
  • Sanitation of showers.
  • Upholstery cleaning.
  • Window cleaning.
  • Sweeping and power washing or parking lot.
  • Clean-up after special events.

Penn Jersey supports Philadelphia’s future

Our decades worth of knowledge and experience goes into everything we do for our customers. And since we began almost five decades ago, Penn Jersey has remained dedicated to serve the people, businesses and organisations of Philadelphia. We are proud that by using our services to provide a clean and well-maintained environment, colleges and universities can support learning across the city.

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