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Celebrating The Halfway Point During UPenn's Student Turnaround Work

We had our staff appreciation BBQ on Wednesday 27th July at the 1920 Commons patio downstairs from our UPenn base of operations at Harnwell College House on Locust Walk. The event marks our appreciation for our wonderful staff who work so hard on the summer turnaround at the University of Pennsylvania.

This tremendous get together has become an eagerly anticipated occasion among staff and business owners alike. Penn Jersey’s founder, the 92-year-old Ruby Katzin was in attendance along with his sons Steve and Cliff and the master of ceremonies Glenn Stieffenhofer.

“I Miss You Dad”: An Emotional Moment Shared With Ruby

Ruby is given a hug by a long time Penn Jersey employee Curtis Cesar who says, “I miss seeing you around Dad” This sentiment was commonly shared among the Penn Jersey family; many have been with us for most of their working lives.

Glenn Stieffenhofer made sure that everything went off well and with excellent food provided by another Penn Jersey client Bon Appetit. Also in attendance were management from the UPenn Housing department with the Director of Housekeeping Wendy Sparks and her Associate Director Joe Gaither dropping by to offer their appreciation and enjoy some of the food.