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Professional Carpet Cleaning Can Reduce Allergies in your Office during the Summer

Deep cleaning carpets and rugs in your office is a professional service all businesses should consider.

by Steve Brownlie

Spring allergies are the first sign that the allergy season is fully upon us, but summer allergies can be even worse. As plants grow pollen spreads into the air, the environment and our premises. The hot and humid nature of summer air also allows and encourages mold to grow. Even if it can’t be seen it grows and its spores can aggravate and worsen existing allergies, even bringing them on in some people who may not have known they had allergies before. Your work environment should be comfortable, motivating and inviting.

 Your staff should be able to work comfortably and in optimal health and the same should be said for all visitors. However, opting for carpets and upholstery in your office and not investing in the right cleaning services can cause real difficulty for any allergy sufferers especially in the summer. Your office requires regular and professional carpet cleaning to ensure allergens are kept at bay and anyone entering your office can remain comfortable and in good health throughout their stay.

Professional Carpet Cleaning for Summer Allergy Prevention

Deep cleaning carpets and rugs in your office is a professional service all businesses should consider. Professional carpet cleaning gets deep into the fibers of your floor coverings, ensuring any unseen microbes, mold spores and potential allergens are removed for a better and healthier environment.

All carpets and rugs act as a kind of air filter in our office. When new and clean dust and allergens are trapped in the fibers, until they’re vacuumed away. However, over time they begin to gather dirt and grime and particles such as allergens are most difficult to keep hold of. This allows them to float into the air, be inhaled and cause allergic symptoms and reactions.

While deep cleans can help mitigate this risk, a regular, professional cleaning schedule also ensures dust, dust mites and even the smallest allergens are picked up and removed before they become a problem.

It is wrong to think that a clean and hygienic office must be carpet free. While some may recommend this, it simply isn’t the case. Investing in carpeting for your business is more than acceptable, provided you’re also ready to invest in the cleaning required to keep it in the best condition and free from the risk of allergens. Some people are specifically allergic to dust mites but other allergens, including pollen, can collect in carpeting and need to be removed for the comfort and health of all visitors to your office.

Natural Cleaning for Allergy Protection

We have discussed this at length before but the cleaning processes and chemicals you use can also cause allergies and be a health hazard. Chemicals found in many household chemicals have been linked to serious health problems as well as severe allergies and cases of asthma, which is often closely linked to a number of allergens and comes alongside other allergies too.

Working with a cleaning company focused on natural and eco-friendly cleaning ensures you remove another potential risk from your office. There are natural cleaning products and traditional cleaning methods which can be used without the need for harsh and hazardous chemicals.

Creating a Less Allergy-Friendly Work Environment

While allergens are always going to find their way into your office, and sufferers will always have difficulty throughout the warmer months, you can create an environment which doesn’t allow these allergens to thrive. A well-maintained and regular professional carpet cleaning schedule ensures you are doing all you can to keep your office as healthy and allergen-free as possible.

With more than 50 million Americans experiencing allergies every year, this is bound to include some visitors or staff in your workplace. As a responsible business owner, it makes good sense to ensure workers and visitors are in the best possible health and nothing in office is further exacerbating an already difficult and frustrating health condition. Allergies can lead to chronic illness and do have a considerable impact on the economy, so it pays both morally and financially to ensure everything possible is done to remove risks from the workplace.

Working with professional carpet cleaners helps to ensure a better and healthier office throughout the summer, keeping allergens at bay and your workforce, and visitors to the premises, happy.

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