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Health and Safety Implications of Not Investing in Proper Cleaning Services for your Business

Here we’re looking more closely at how cleaning can prevent health and safety risks for your business.

Cleaning can sometimes be considered a basic requirement for businesses just to keep up appearances and create a good impression. While this is important, proper cleaning is absolutely key to maintaining a healthy and safe workplace for your employees and equally, to comply with law. Incorrect and poor cleaning practices will damage any business in the long-run and committing to your own cleaning schedules does not have the same effect as a professional cleaning company. Commercial cleaning services exist to remove the worry and provide peace of mind for business owners when it comes to the quality of their cleaning. Companies such as our own employ only experienced and knowledgeable professionals who know the absolute minimum cleaning standards for any premises and seek to always exceed them. A clean workplace is a safe workplace and this is a minimum requirement for all business owners in the country. Your employees should be able to work safely without restriction or risk of unnecessary hazards. Below we’re looking more closely at why professional cleaning services are key to a safe workplace:

Reduce Risk of Slips and Falls

Slips, trips and falls result in hundreds of lost work days every year and in turn, this impacts heavily on labor costs for businesses. Maintaining clean and dry floors is essential for a safe working environment and to avoid the risk of trips and falls for both employees and visitors to your business. Professional floor cleaning services can be organized outside of office hours and effectively deliver cleaning, buffering, polishing and more for a cleaner and safer work environment. Our professional floor cleaning teams are also able to quickly and effectively select the right cleaning products and methods for your floors, ensuring they are maintained to the highest possible standard, as well as properly cleaned.

Disinfect to Minimize Germs and Illness

Germs spread through the modern workplace quickly and easily. Many of us work side by side and a simple sneeze or cough can contaminate surfaces and surrounding areas with ease, unless a regular cleaning schedule is put in place. Disinfecting surfaces properly using the right methods and products is key to a quality professional cleaning service. While you may be able to select products for your business and attempt to clean yourselves, keeping up a schedule and maintaining the high level provided by professionals is a hard task to commit to.

Declutter to Prevent Fire Hazards and Risk

Employees are responsible for ensuring unnecessary clutter and combustibles do not build up around their work area. OSHA’s Hazardous Materials Standard (1910.106) states that combustible materials should be “stored in covered metal receptacles and disposed of daily”. Build up of paper products is common in most busy work environments and it is important employers instil a message of tidiness in their employees. However, cleaning and removal of waste bins and similar can be carried out by your regular cleaning or janitorial serviceprovider. Allowing refuse to pile up in the workplace is also a breeding ground for pests and bacteria and while again, you may plan to have a cleaning or waste disposal rota, it’s much easier to leave it to the professionals.

Check and Clean HVAC Systems for Respiratory Health

Your business’ HVAC system is essential for maintaining temperatures and air quality, but only if it is clean. Dusts and vapors can easily enter the system and once in there, they are circulated back around your premises. Hazardous vapors can include germs and allergens and can easily be removed with regular air duct and HVAC cleaning. A dehumidifier is also an effective way of reducing indoor air pollution and creating better, cleaner air for your employees and visitors to the business.

Maintain a Schedule to Avoid all Risks

Penn Jersey provides contract cleaning to many businesses in West Philadelphia and other parts of the city. We recognize you may not want to commit long-term with a cleaning partner but as a minimum we recommend having a proper schedule in place. There are specific daily, weekly and quarterly cleaning tasks that you should not consider optional and working with professional partners like us ensures you have a full cleaning schedule mapping out what needs to be done when. Our professional teams will work to the schedule and of course, it can be flexible to your business needs and arranged at times to suit you.

Switch to Green Cleaning to Protect the Environment for All

Green cleaning has become a contentious issue for many businesses. Greening your business is a common process whereby you try to do all you can to be as eco-friendly as possible. The damage humankind is doing to the environment means we all have to take active steps to protect it and this can mean walking to work, creating a paper-free office or reducing the availability of one-use plastics, to give a few examples. When it comes to cleaning services for your business, there is no excuse not to go green. Green and eco-friendly cleaning services utilize products which are not harmful to the environment and less corrosive or damaging to your premises in general. We are committed to the most natural cleaning processes, methods and products to ensure your business can have peace of mind when it comes to the green credentials of all cleaning tasks carried out.

Professional Cleaning to Prevent Health and Safety Risks for your Business

All your employees and visitors to your business should feel comfortable and enjoy an attractive work environment. More than this though, proper cleaning ensures the workplace is safe and hygienic. It ensures that you meet any health and safety legislation in the state and set by the wider government and when you choose to work with a professional cleaning company such as Penn Jersey. We’re proud to work with many businesses in our local community and would love for yours to be next.

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