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Cleaning Tips for Pet-Friendly Offices

Pet-friendly offices are more common than ever, but are we doing enough to keep them clean?

Some businesses have allowed staff to bring their pets for years, whereas for others it’s a brand-new phenomenon. Having an office cat or dog is a lot more common than it used to be but this change in the way we work, brings a need for a change in our approach to cleaning. A report by CNBC says 8% of US workplaces have a bring your pet to work policy and this means more and more furry companions are setting down next to us in the office. The Japanese trend for cat cafes has also spread over here so animals are becoming more and more part of working life, as well as home life. Pets bring great joy and can actually benefit your working environment, but they also require additional care and a more vigilant approach to office and workplace cleaning. We’re looking at this in more depth below, to ensure your pet-friendly workplace remains a safe and clean environment for all.

Why Pets at Work is a Good Thing

The idea of bringing your pet to work may seem strange to some and it may seem like they’d be more of a distraction than a benefit but the following advantage come from creating a pet-friendly work environment:

  • Less Stress – having pets is known to reduce stress in general, so this will pass over into the workplace.
  • Stronger bonds – pets are a great talking point and can make it easier to connect and engage with members of the team who may not have been so talkative before.
  • Improved productivity – good pet owners will have their pets best interests at heart. Having them nearby at work removes some of the worries about leaving them, any need for sitting or walking services and a better commitment to work on a daily basis.

    Tips for Preserving and Cleaning your Pet-Friendly Workplace

    Pet-friendly workplaces will get dirtier more quickly. Fur and pet dander need to be dealt with regularly and effectively to avoid them becoming a problem and any workplace which commits to allowing pets, must equally commit to an enhanced cleaning rota and regular housekeeping. Below are some key tips for a fully clean pet-friendly workplace:

    Choose the Right Carpets

    Most office still have carpeting as it adds warmth and is ideal for high traffic spaces. The right carpet is key, and experts recommend one which is designed to repel odors and liquids. A moisture barrier backing is a must for any office carpet with pets as it allows for regular cleaning and sanitizing without damage to the carpet.

    Ensure you have Rules in Place

    Allowing your employees to bring their pets is fine but you need very clear guidelines. The most obvious rules would include no pets who aren’t fully house trained and no pets who consistently cause damage or accidents. Many offices have a three strikes policy which is a fair way of giving pets the chance to get used to the new environment before ruling out their return.

    Act Quickly on all Accidents

    Accidents are guaranteed to happen once you allow pets in the workplace. However, acting quickly is key to avoiding any long-term damage or horrible odors becoming common place in your workplace. Having equipment on hand to deal with any accidents is essential.

    Partner with the Professionals

    If you commit to having a pet-friendly office, then you really should also invest in professional cleaning services for your premises. Even if you have a once a week deep clean by a professional company this will make a significant difference to the overall cleanliness and guarantee the development of any strong odors or excess build up of fur and dander is dealt with. This should be on top of your regular housekeeping.

    Invest in the Right Cleaning Kit

    Once you have invested in the above you should also look at investing in a high quality vacuum or similar. This ensures that vacuuming can be carried out daily and if you invest in one of the “pet” models of vacuum then it is designed specifically to deal with the impact of animals on your carpeting.

    Professional Office Cleaning with Penn Jersey

    Penn Jersey work in many offices across Philadelphia providing daily, weekly and emergency cleaning services. We work in offices of all sizes and can happily turn our services to those which regularly allow pets to be brought in or have a resident dog or cat. Our experience in cleaning ensures we have the right tools to deal with any kind of environment, including when deep cleans are needed. We work with our clients on regular contracts as well as for emergency clean ups and can discuss our whole range of cleaning services suitable for your business when you get in touch. More and more people are embracing the benefits of a pet-friendly workplace, they simply need to ensure their enthusiasm for cleaning up after their pets matches. We are more than ready to help any business keep on top of its cleaning so get in touch today.

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