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Why Landlords Must Invest in Move-Out Cleaning

Professional cleaning services ensure rental properties are ready for new occupants as quickly as possible.

When tenants move out of your rental property it can be a daunting moment. If you haven’t visited your property for some time you may be wondering what condition the tenants have left it in. In most instances landlords find their tenants have looked after the property well, with just a little wear and tear, but in others there may be considerable clean up needed. Even in the tidiest of properties there is cleaning to be done once the tenants have moved out, and investing in professional cleaning help, has many benefits for reliable landlords.

Quickly Re-Let Your Property

There is always demand in the rental market but this doesn’t mean you shouldn’t present your property in the best possible way. This is especially the case if you’re hoping to attract the upper end of the rental value for your property. A well-presented property which has been properly cleaned is perfectly positioned to attain a good rental price. What’s more, you can be confident that when tenants view the property it is a place you can be proud of, and not something to be ashamed of that you’re simply hoping to rent as quickly as possible, hoping the tenants won’t have a discerning eye. It’s also important to remember that an unclean property will attract tenants who will potentially have the same level of standards. Landlords cannot expect to get the property back in good, clean condition if they don’t lease it out that way.

Set the Bar for Future Tenants

This ties in closely with the point above. A fully clean and well-presented property is a very clear message to potential tenants. You have high standards for the property, and you expect them to have similar standards. You cannot expect them to want to keep the property clean if it wasn’t clean when they first moved in.

Protect your Asset

If you don’t look after your property, then it will soon decrease in value. One of the most important reasons to invest in full end of tenancy cleaning is so you can get a true picture of the condition of your property too. It also allows you to take photos of the property in the clean state before renting it to the next tenant. Then, should they move out, you can compare the state of the property to your photographs and fully judge the level of cleanliness and upkeep maintained. Standard practice is to take photographs of walls, carpets and the insides of cupboards. This ensures that, should they not be kept to the same level of cleanliness, you have grounds to deduct a sum from your tenant’s security deposit or withhold the full amount in some cases.

Landlord Cleaning Essentials

When investing in professional cleaning for your rental property you can be sure all the most important areas and elements of your property will be cleaned. The areas which tenants pay most attention to include: • Oven If your property is rented complete with oven, then this needs to be kept as clean as possible. Professional cleaners can utilize the right products and processes to ensure a clean finish. • Appliances The inside of refrigerators, ice boxes and freezers should be fully cleaned and defrosted where necessary. If you provide any other appliances such as washing machines or dryers then their filters should be checked. • Storage cupboards When your property is returned to you all cupboards should be fully emptied. Professional cleaners will ensure they are spotless, any stains and sticky patches are dealt with and it will be fully ready for its new occupants. • Carpets and flooring Carpets and flooring take the brunt of the impact of damage and wear and tear in many properties, but this shouldn’t mean they’re dirty. Professional hard floor cleaning and professional carpet cleaning can ensure all floors are returned to their best and ready for new tenants to arrive.

Move Out Cleaning with Penn Jersey

Penn Jersey offer a whole range of cleaning services for landlords, property owners and property developers. Our professional cleaning teams work to ensure all properties are returned to their best, ready for present to potential new tenants or in the event of sale.

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