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The Nasty Truth about Germs in Schools

School cleaning services ensure any germs and bacteria are kept at bay.

It’s no surprise or shock that schools are hotbeds for germs. Children by nature are less likely to clean up and keep tidy than adults. However, the microbiologists at NSF International found some shocking statistics about germs in schools. Areas and items such as water fountains and plastic cafeteria trays were found to be particularly high in bacteria counts and this brings to light the importance of cleaning in schools. What’s more, with many kindergartens and schools graded on their attendance, parents are encouraged to send kids in, even when they may still be carrying germs and illness. Understanding the key problem areas in schools are important for making sure the right level of cleaning is carried out.

Cleaning in Schools

Research from the International Sanitary Supply Association has led to extensive recommendations for school and classroom cleaning. In studying a number of schools, they found some common facts:

  • Elementary school classrooms were as dirty, if not more dirty, than restrooms
  • Surfaces which appear clean were still laden with disease-causing pathogens and bacteria
  • Gym mats are one of the most likely to spread contagious bacteria and pathogens
  • Regularly touched surfaces such as railing and door handles are main breeding grounds and transmission points for potentially harmful bacteria

A Good Education requires a Clean Environment

A badly managed school with poor cleaning standards will see higher rates of student absenteeism and illness. Even an environment which looks clean cannot deceive when students are getting sick and this leads to lower numbers taking tests and lower test scores overall. For an environment conducive to effective learning, cleanliness must be a consideration.

A Reliable School Cleaning Company

Although any company can provide cleaning services to your school, working with specialists who understand the unique nature of your environment makes all the difference. Experienced school and college cleaning companies know exactly how to ensure the right level of cleanliness is provided at all times. Cleaning, disinfecting and sanitizing are provided as needed across all problem areas and in general.

Working with a reliable school cleaning company ensures a regular cleaning service can be provided on a day to day basis. Our school cleaning services can include daily janitorial services, keeping on top of the day to day requirements of your school or college. Beyond this, many schools undertake deep cleaning over the holiday periods, so the campus is fully ready for the new semester. Deep cleaning tasks can also be carried out at weekends and outside of usual school hours, ensuring everything is spotless and clean for when the students arrive. It also minimizes the risk of slips and falls if cleaning is carried out during regular school hours.

Penn Jersey School Cleaning Services

At Penn Jersey we’re proud to provide extensive cleaning services to West Philadelphia schools and colleges. We recognize that every school is different, and the cleaning requirements of each establishment is different too. Our services can be tailored specifically to the needs of every establishment and there is no job too small or large for us to consider. From regular janitorial presences to deep cleaning during the spring or summer break, Penn Jersey are ready and waiting to help ensure your school is as germ-free as possible.

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