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The Lesser-Known Risks of Fire and Why Professional Clean-Up Is Essential

Investing in professional clean-up and fire restoration services is the best way to return your property to its best.

Fire death rates change year on year, although the National Fire Protection Association report a U.S average of 9.7 deaths per million of population between 2012 and 2016. Further to this the U.S. Fire Administration report“residential” as the leading property type for fire deaths, injuries and fire dollar loss, with other property types falling quite far behind. If you own residential property or any kind of property and it is damaged by far, the consequences can be far reaching. What’s more, dealing with the initial fire is not the end of the problem. Proper fire clean-up and restoration is essential to return a property back to its best and make it safe for use.

The Aftermath of Fire

Once the fire trucks leave and your property can be surveyed, the extent of the damage can be shocking. As well as the damage caused by the actual fire there may be smoke damage and even water damage due to the need to firefight. At Penn Jersey we provide specialized services in restoring and cleaning up properties after fire. We work to restore properties to their pre-fire condition and can carry out specialized tasks such as removing smoke odor, deep-cleaning of soot from furnishings and restoring carpets. Many materials used in furniture and flooring can create corrosive acids and gases when burned. They may not initially seem like a problem but in time, they can become extremely dangerous and hazardous to health. If corrosive residues are left on surfaces they can cause pitting or etching and you’ll need the right kind of cleaning services to ensure they are returned to their best.

The Danger of Ash

Smoke is made up of a number of particles which haven’t been consumed by flames. Most of these particles are microscopic but they occur in such high volumes that when they hit a surface they form soot or ash. Soot is mostly made of compressed carbon whereas ash is incombustible materials which are left after a fire. Ash includes materials such as plastics, tar and even some metals. Ash can irritate the lungs and the skin. Breathing in ash particles can be extremely dangerous, especially for people with existing medical conditions such as heart disease or asthma. Symptoms which suggest ash is impacting on your health include itchy eyes, sore skin and a running nose. Most of the symptoms will subside once you move away from the smoky area but if soot and ash remain in your property and are not cleaned, they can continue to irritate.

Overlooked Items and Areas after a Fire

Some elements of a property and its possessions are ignored after a fire, not on purpose but people simply don’t consider how they could be impacted. Some of these things can be dealt with by professional cleaners whereas others will be something you need to deal with yourself. They include:

  • Food: smoke can penetrate almost all packaging. Your food is not safe once there has been a fire. Heat from fire can also activate bacteria in food so it pays to extremely cautious.
  • Refrigerators and Freezers: The inside of these appliances can be penetrated by smoke and soot. Often people clean the exterior and forget about the interior. A thorough inspection of the appliances, inside and out, is essential. -Drawers and Cupboards: just like the above, insides of drawers and cupboards can become contaminated. Smoke penetrates almost all materials and therefore a full clean out is necessary.

    Penn Jersey Fire Restoration

    At Penn Jersey we fully understand the devastation of a fire. Smoke, fire and water damage combine to make it very hard to imagine your property every returning to how it was before. However, our expert cleaning teams are ready and able to help restore your property to its pre-fire state as much as possible. We offer complete fire damage restoration services to commercial and residential clients and work with you to ensure everything is returned to its former state as much as possible. We work quickly and reactively to limit long-term damage and minimize the risk of pollutants and hazardous substances.

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