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Liabilities and Risks of Cleaning your Own Premises

Should you expect your staff to clean restrooms and windows? What are the risks of cleaning your own business?

Working in the cleaning profession is not without risks. Of course, the day to day job is not the most high risk experience but there is relevant training, awareness of products and chemicals and industry standards which need to be upheld. Cleaning your own premises is something a business owner may consider, but there are liabilities that come with this, especially if the cleaning responsibilities fall on staff members who are not employed in this particular area.

Slip and fall accidents are a real risk in any workplace and this risk increases if correct procedures aren’t followed. Working with professional cleaning companies helps to ensure you avoid putting employees in dangerous situations. It also helps to guarantee you’re meeting industry standards in terms of cleaning, while maintaining health and safety regulations in the workplace. While the expense of a hired-in cleaning crew may not be something you want to consider, it’s worth considering the real risks of not doing so and relying on untrained and not properly experienced staff members instead.

Liability Insurance Considerations

Business owners who do not employ external cleaning companies must have the correct liability insurance in place for anybody they expect to clean and maintain their premises. It is also essential to have the right liability insurance for external cleaners on site, but these requirements differ, and you will find most companies also hold their own insurances so there is additional protection. A good cleaning company will ensure they put all the right safety measures in place, such as correct signage. This also ensures that should an incident occur involving a third party, the right protection is in place. Do your current staff have the knowledge of what to do after an accident? Or how to protect your business should one occur?

Comp Insurance Premiums for Workers

If you ask your workers to carry out tasks different from what they are employed to do and they are injured, you are at risk of a compensation claim. The workers’ compensation insurance you have in place will need to cover a much wider range of jobs than you may initially have thought, especially if you’re asking office workers or others employed in a non-related area to clean and carry out maintenance tasks. Expecting employees to carry out in-depth cleaning tasks outside the remit of their job role will have negative impact on morale and positivity. Your workers’ compensation insurance premiums will also need to increase.

Cleaning Product Safety and Knowledge

Cleaning products can be hazardous to health and working with professionals ensures they have the knowledge of which products are the most safe to use and which should be avoided. Companies such as our own also employ greener cleaning processes, avoiding chemicals wherever possible. Professionals know which cleaning solutions are the most appropriate in certain environments and which can and can’t be mixed together.

Think of your Overheads

Investing in professional cleaning services of course comes at a cost, but it comes with the benefit of peace of mind and ensuring a safe workplace. A single accident or injury can come at a devastating cost and this isn’t even considering the idea of employing a full-time custodian or on-site cleaning manager. Professional cleaning companies are poised to offer proactive services to suit your needs.

You can invest in daily janitorial services, weekly clean-ups or even less regular services if required. Penn-Jersey are a flexible company ready to work with your business on the terms which suit your needs. We can help you plan out the cleaning you need, and lay out clearly which tasks are suitable for routine clean-up within your workplace by staff and employees, and those which should be left to the experts.

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