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Top Sources of Dirt and Bacteria in the Office

Some of the least likely areas can become sources of hazardous bacteria in the office space.

Whether your workplace is open for customers and business associates or purely for you and your staff, the sheer volume of people means the potential for germs spreading is high. Beyond this, dirt and grime can form in the most unlikely of places and soon lead to spread of everything from common coughs and colds to allergens and other more serious health complaints. People coming in and out of the office means it needs regularly cleaning and maintenance, and this includes in places you may never have thought of. Below we’re looking at common office equipment and features which really can harbor dirt and disease if not looked after by experienced and well-trained cleaners.

Buttons, Knobs and Handles

Some of the most regularly touched and pressed items in the office are switches, buttons and handles. Door handles in particular may be touched hundreds of times a day by many different people. This can result in germs and the very rapid build up of dirt and grime. While most employees or visitors to your office probably practice very good hygiene standards, it only takes one to cause a problem. What’s more, even the cleanest people can still transmit and share microorganisms, which is why a high level of cleanliness is completely essential. Daily cleaning schedules should include the cleaning of all buttons, knobs, handles, switches and similar in the office space.

Coffee Pots and Kettles

The coffee pot or kettle is picked up time and again each morning and throughout the rest of the day. Workers in your office will all grab the handle of the kettle or coffee pot and in turn, add their imprint to the already existing handle. A study by a company called Hloom found coffee pot handles had over 10 thousand colony forming units (CFU) per square inch. It also found that 99% of the CFU found were “gram-negative rods” which are a particular type of bacteria which can be resistant to antibodies. Although this is a single study it highlights once again the importance of cleaning office equipment, even in the kitchen area, where office workers may not consider.

Phones and Computer Equipment

Research by the hygiene company Initial found the average toilet seat is cleaner than a cell phone. It found the average square inch of a cell phone contains as many as 25,000 germs. Tablets, cell phones and phones on office desks are all carriers of germs and bacteria. It may seem unusual to ensure your office phone is cleaned, but it is essential to limit the spread of germs.

Computer equipment is equally likely to get dirty and keyboards in particular can harbor germs. As they are used so frequently, it is no wonder keyboards can quickly accumulate dirt. Keyboards and other office desk equipment can be kept clean on a basic level, but professional cleaners can ensure full sanitizing and disinfection is provided regularly too.

Office Cleaning Services

Working with professional cleaners ensures more than a standard level of cleaning is provided. While you can expect your staff to keep their desks and areas clean and tidy on some level, they are not employed as cleaning staff so cannot be responsible for the full maintenance and management of all cleaning requirements. Professional office cleaners can work with you to set a schedule which suits your premises and can provide daily, weekly or less frequent cleaning to suit your needs.

You can also hire cleaners specifically to clean office equipment which can help prolong its life and ensure it functions effectively. These specialist technicians will work to ensure all equipment is kept clean and can work efficiently with no issues due to dust and dirt building up.

Investing in cleaning services may seem like an expense you can avoid in an office, but the benefits outweigh the initial and ongoing costs. From the perspective of the day to day running of your business, a fully clean office is a much better environment for all who work there and this in turn can boost productivity and morale in general. When it comes to keeping equipment clean, you will realize a long-term cost saving in this area too. IT and office equipment can be one of a company’s biggest investments so not looking after it and keeping it clean can result in more breakdowns and yet higher costs. The money spent on cleaning is quickly recouped when you avoid having to arrange regular service calls and organize repairs.

Office Cleaning with Penn Jersey

Penn Jersey is proud to provide regular and single-event cleaning services to office-based businesses across Philadelphia. We work with businesses in all environments from small teams in rented office spaces to municipal buildings, doctor’s offices and more. Our experienced cleaning teams are primed and ready to work to ensure your office looks its best at all times and is a hygienic and clean space to work in.

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