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Water Damage: Why You Need to Act Fast

Work with professionals to quickly limit the risks of water damage

Water damage can be caused by many incidents. From floods to broken pipes to simple accidents with overflowing faucets, it is a risk many business and homeowners face and one which needs to be acted upon quickly. Once the water has been removed and the building has seemingly “dried out”, the problem may look like its over, but the hazards of water damage can be much more long lasting than this. Leaving water damaged property without proper cleaning and restoration can result in a wide range of dangerous hazards including those we’re looking at in more depth below.

Mold and Mildew

The development of mold in any property can be extremely dangerous. The genuine hazards mold poses cannot be underestimated. Even a small leak can contribute to the growth and further development of mold and mildew around any property. You may feel like a spill has been cleaned up properly or a patch of damp has been removed but working with professionals is almost essential to guarantee full removal of the problem.

Mold can quickly cause breathing problems and related health issues, especially where people living or working with allergies or a compromised immune system are involved. Anyone living with a respiratory disease or allergy is at higher risk of problems when exposed to mold but it can be dangerous for anybody. A small leak which is not properly dealt with can result in mold growing within 48 hours.

Companies who provide mold and water damage services can find the source of the mold. We are able to offer specialized cleaning services to help ensure full removal of mold, whether it is fully developed or in the first stages.

Electrical Problems

While electrical problems are not something that be fixed by cleaning and regular restoration, ensuring that the majority of pools and puddles are removed as quickly as possible, and walls are dried out, then it can help limit the risk of problems to wiring. Licensed electricians may be necessary to check out issues in depth where there has been significant water damage and the cost is worth it to avoid the risks of electrical problems.

Chemical Contamination

When the source of water damage comes from outside of your home, you cannot necessarily be sure of where it has come from. Hazardous chemicals can easily enter your home in waters from outside and waters which flood the basements of buildings are often contaminated by household chemicals. Chemical contamination can be extremely dangerous and needs to be dealt with by professionals. Safe cleaning and decontamination by properly trained professionals ensure this risk is minimized and removed from your premises.

Spread of Bacteria and Germs

Many bacteria and harmful germs thrive in stagnant and pooling water. This is one of the most important reasons that it needs removing as quickly as possible. Often when water damage occurs, it also leads to issues with sewers and drainage. Sewage backup can quickly become a serious problem as all the wastewater and contaminated water from the home ends up back inside the premises. Improper cleaning can lead to the spread of highly infectious diseases and waterborne illnesses such as cholera and dysentery, which are all but eliminated, and others such as hepatitis.

Structural Problems

While water may not seem like it can be particularly damaging to the physical build of your property, especially in small volumes, it can have a significant impact on the structural security of a property. Water can weaken the structural stability of the property, from the roof to the walls, to even the foundations. Professional cleaning services can help to locate the source of water damage and fully clean and remove all water. They can also ensure areas are fully dried out and no water is pooling and causing damage.

Penn Jersey work with many businesses who have suffered due to water damage. Clients include residential property managers as well as those with commercial premises. Our specially trained teams are fully versed in working with water damaged properties and specific areas within premises, to ensure quick and effective removal of any water and full clean up too.

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