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The Real Benefits of High Pressure Steam Cleaning

Why commercial pressure washing

Pressure washing is an effective and eco-friendly cleaning method which can be used for many different purposes when cleaning up a business property or premises. It utilizes pressurized water to quickly and efficiently clean exterior areas of a property, including driveways, roofing, fences and walls. Pressure washing can remove the oil, dirt and grime that quickly builds up on the exterior of a building and the surrounding areas. Below we’re looking more closely at why pressure washing is a good investment for your property or properties and why working with professional pressure washing providers is the best option.

Time Saving

For quick, reliable and effective removal of bacteria and other contaminants from your property, there is no more effective process than pressure washing. Especially when compared to other cleaning methods, nothing else works as effectively as pressure washing, more so when speed is an important factor. Professional pressure washing removes the need to prepare cleaning solutions, gather materials or undertake any scrubbing of the affected area whatsoever. Time-consuming ladder work is rarely necessary as the nozzle of professional cleaning equipment can be extended as required.

Safer, More In-Depth Cleaning

Exterior walls, sidewalks and other spaces outside of your premises are susceptible to unique contaminants which need to be dealt with. Dirt, grime, oil and more from passing traffic can easily transfer onto the exterior of your property and surrounding areas. Pressure washing can help to remove all of these unseen contaminants and ensure they aren’t brought inside your premises. Regular pressure washing can be part of the preventative and scheduled maintenance of a property, avoiding the need for any reactive or emergency cleaning or intervention. Cleaning helps to limit any premature decay of the property.

Curb Appeal Improvement

Whether your property is up for sale or you’re trying to impress customers and clients, keeping a fresh and clean look out front is essential. As we’ve discussed about parking lots first impressions are very important. Increasing curb appeal is essential to keep customers coming or to help enhance the value of your property. Cleaning away unsightly mildew, algae and other growth on your sidewalks and surrounds of your property help to create that important good first impression. Pressure washing can quickly deal with a range of issues which may affect the outside of your premises and professionals can efficiently work on all the issues so you do not have to worry about them.

The Most Environmentally Friendly Option

At Penn Jersey we have shared our commitment to green cleaning many times and commercial pressure washing is one of the ways we are able to effectively do this. Heavy duty and in-depth cleaning are often associated with harsh chemicals. However, this is completely unnecessary. With no chemical impact on the environment, pressure washing involves the use of no harsh chemicals at all. It uses only water and this water is blasted at such a high velocity that it is able to remove dirt, grime and other contaminants. The strength of the water stream can remove mildew and staining without the need for introduction of chemicals.

Pressure washers also use less water than regular cleaning methods as it is pumped at such a high velocity, lower volume is required.

Commercial pressure washing services are suitable for many different kinds of business. People who maintain a property portfolio can engage us to provide regular cleaning for all of their properties, and individual business owners can get in touch to get their individual premises looking the best they can. At Penn Jersey we work with businesses of all sizes, ensuring they look as clean as possible, are free from contaminants and decay and other issues are kept at bay. Get in touch today to discuss your needs.

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