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Why a Professional Janitor is a Better Solution than doing your own Business Cleaning

Janitorial service providers are professionals, ready and willing to ensure your premises are cleaner and better kept than you can deliver on your own.

Investing in janitorial services Is not something all businesspeople consider, and, in many instances, they may not even see the need. Making savings and finding ways of reducing overheads is essential in business but there are some areas cutting back is not recommended. You may believe you can keep on top of your business’ cleaning and maintenance without the help of professionals, but there are many risks to this, not least being properly qualified to do the best possible job. With this in mind, the services of a qualified and experienced janitorial company cannot be underestimated.

What is a Janitor?

It may seem like going back to basics, but it is important to understand what a janitor is. A janitor is a person or a team of people who are employed specifically to keep your premises in the best possible order. This usually means keeping on top of small maintenance tasks, cleaning and the day to day general management of cleanliness around the property. Janitors are present on your premises every day and ensure everything is kept in the best possible order at all times.


The Difference Between Janitorial and Commercial Cleaning Services

Janitorial services tend to cover all small, every day tasks needed to keep premises well-maintained. Commercial cleaners, on the other hand, deal with larger-scale jobs that you may only need every year or every few months. You will often find a janitorial service provider offers both but you need and you can arrange contracts with them to suit your needs across the year. Janitorial service providers will offer the following services as standard:

  • Restroom cleaning and stocking
  • Breakroom and kitchen space cleaning
  • Sweeping and mopping of hard surfaces
  • Carpet vacuuming
  • Dusting
  • Emptying trash

In contrast, a commercial cleaning service provider will offer services such as deep carpet cleaning, deep cleans of specialist spaces such as kitchens. They will also cover specialist cleaning projects such as renovation cleaning and post-build cleaning, ensuring premises are ready for significant changes.

The Dangers and Risks of Carrying out your own Cleaning and Maintenance

Opting not to invest in janitorial or similar cleaning services increases your need for the correct insurances for your existing employees. Not employing an external, and fully insured janitorial service provider increases the liability insurance you may need and may require a change in elements of your policy. It is very dangerous to expect unqualified workers to clean on behalf of your company, beyond keeping on top of the clutter around their own workspace. A professional janitorial service provider will have the correct insurances in place for their workers on your premises and they will also work safely and legally, ensuring the correct measures are in place such as wet floor signage and similar requirements. While you may trust your workers to provide a good level of cleaning, they are unlikely to have the experience and qualifications to provide a fully comprehensive job.

Considering Increased Comp Insurance for Employees

If you employ a worker in a particular role and then expect them to carry out something different, the risks change and they may not be covered by their regular comp insurance. If they are injured during cleaning or property maintenance, for example, then you are at risk of a compensation claim. This kind of claim is more likely to be successful if you are expecting your employees to do duties which are not under the remit of their contract of employment or job description. Expecting employees to keep on top of daily cleaning tasks or anything more in-depth is a risk and even if it doesn’t lead to accident or any claims of negligence, it can impact on morale and worker’s ability to do their actual job.

Considering Product and Task Knowledge

Understanding the chemical makeup of cleaning products isn’t necessarily a requirement, having a good knowledge helps ensure they can be used safely and with minimal risk to your premises and to the health of anyone present. Many cleaning products are hazardous to health and professionals are trained in how to use them properly, including which are safe to use in different environments. This combined with a high level of experience in cleaning tasks, completed to the highest level, helps to ensure any risks are minimised. It also helps speed up the efficiency of work carried out and guarantees a level of service which business owners, their staff and visitors to their premises should expect as standard.

Skills to Expect from Janitorial Service Providers

While janitors are usually seen as a daily presence on most premises, the services you choose are entirely dependent on your business needs. Janitors can be flexible, offer weekly clean-ups or even be hired on a more ad-hoc basis. Flexibility is key to matching the requirements of a modern business and the most experienced janitorial service providers are more than aware of this. The skills and tasks they can carry out can be very far reaching and will almost always incorporate at least the following:

  • Buffing
  • Safe Chemical Use
  • Cleaning
  • Dusting
  • Mopping
  • Polishing Furniture
  • Maintaining Safety
  • Sanitation
  • Scrubbing
  • Sweeping
  • Washing Floors
  • Washing Windows
  • Waxing

They will provide their own equipment, supplies and product where necessary and can discuss with any business owner their individual requirements. Some janitorial service providers may specialize in green and eco-friendly approaches for example, which may be in line with your company’s ethos too. Spending time to talk to your chosen service provider will help in putting together the right cleaning package for your company and ensure your premises in properly looked after.

Specialist Premises and Commercial Requirements

Not all business premises can be looked after with a basic janitorial service. Factories, some warehouse spaces and premises which deal with hazardous materials, for example, require more specialized approaches to their regular and planned cleaning schedules. The experience required for commercial site cleaning or factory cleaning, is different from regular office cleaning but is not necessarily something a janitorial service cannot offer. The cleanliness of your premises is just as important whether it’s a warehouse or an office, and the risks that come with mess, clutter or spillages should not be underestimated or played down, simply because they’re less regularly visited by clients or third parties.

Similarly, recognising when a cleanliness or maintenance problem is urgent and requires immediate attention should not be cause for alarm, as once again, a good regular cleaning and janitorial service provider will also have the means to provide reactive services too.

Planned and Reactive Services – A Basic Expectation from your Janitor

Planned maintenance and cleaning services may incorporate your regular and daily cleaning duties, as well as those larger tasks that you should schedule in annually including deep cleaning of carpets, floor waxing and similar services. Your cleaning company can help you to plan a regular schedule of cleaning and maintenance, with all in-depth tasks mapped out over the year. This can help with planning your budget and ensuring any downtime at your premises can be properly scheduled in for larger tasks.

As already mentioned, reactive maintenance is another service can be expected from a quality janitorial service provider. When an accident occurs, such as a large spillage or even damage due to natural disaster, flooding or similar, it is unlikely you have the tools to deal with the aftermath. The cleaning, maintenance and restoration required is something your cleaning company should be more than qualified to deliver, and even if they don’t offer complete services, their experience will mean they can act reactively when required. While covering your own maintenance and cleanliness may seem like a cost saving that is worthwhile, having no contacts in this sector when the worst happens can be extremely problematic and result in higher costs and more long-lasting damage.

Janitorial Services: A Sound Business Investment

Businesses of all sizes and types can benefit from a janitor or janitorial team providing a consistent level of care and maintenance for their business. While there are many areas you need to invest in to keep your business afloat, ensuring the premises is clean, safe and attractive to all visitors must be a top priority. With your business focus in other areas, it makes natural sense to invest in expert support in essential areas where you need to make the best impression. Janitorial services ensure your business looks its best, as well as avoiding any issues that arise from unqualified workers becoming responsible for on-site cleaning tasks.

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