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Keep Pests out of your Office in Every Season

What can you do to help minimize pests in your workplace?

Keeping your workplace in good, clean order is essential for many purposes. It boosts productivity and morale as well as ensuring workers can get on with their jobs without interruption or cause for concern. The risk of pests in the workplace might be something you only associate with food environments or those which are based in busy urban areas, but this isn’t always the case. Common pests such as cockroaches and mice can be found in almost any environment, and an untidy office or work environment can easily become a perfect home for any number of different pests.

Cleaning is Law, Not Choice

Workers are all entitled to a pest-free environment to do their jobs. It is a compliance necessity that managers and company owners cannot simply forgo. The US Occupational Safety and Health Act lays out the law in this area and while most people associate the law with blue collar work and the construction sector, it applies fully to all work environments.

While some pests may appear harmless, many are not. They can quickly and easily spread disease and cause real health problems within the workplace. You are required by law to create a hazard-free workplace and pests count as a hazard to health.

Unchecked pests can count as a violation of federal law and improper cleaning management can adversely impact on your business. This is why working to a strict and exacting cleaning schedule is truly key. Best practice in cleaning avoids the need to panic and stress when an infestation occurs, because it simply won’t happen. Acting after the fact and having to bring in exterminators and pest control is a much more costly and reputationally damaging experience. Preventing the pests is the best course of action.

Office and commercial cleaning services and those more specific to particular specialist business areas are designed to ensure businesses can keep on top of their cleaning requirements. What’s more, scheduled maintenance avoids the need for reactive action to pests. Good cleaning services incorporate pest control and working with professionals helps to ensure any sign of pests is immediately dealt with.

Signs of a Pest Problem

Pest control can be tricky business, especially if you’re not used to looking out for particular signs of common pets. However, if you keep the following points in mind you should be able to stop a pest problem before it becomes serious. It’s in allowing pests to take root and create a home in the workplace that the real problems begin. Keep these common signs of pests in mind when you regularly check and audit your workplace cleanliness and safety:

Food in the Workplace

If you have kitchen areas or allow food in the workplace then is it being stored safely? Food left out on counters or not properly cleared away after eating is an immediate draw for pests such as rodents and flies. Cleaning up promptly after meal times and not leaving open food out should be a basic rule in any workplace. This is especially the case when you’ve had special events or office parties where it can get a little messy.

Watch out for Damp

Water and moisture are two key things that many pests thrive on. Dripping pipes, leaking roofs or that generally musty, damp smell we associate with moisture are all extremely appealing to pests looking to find a home. What’s more, these signs could be linked to the spread of mold which brings more health concerns of its own. Deal with maintenance issues instantly to avoid the risk of inviting unwanted pests into your business.

Holes and Hiding Places

If there’s an unexpected draft in any part of your workplace then you should thoroughly check for any small holes or cracks. Pests are highly adept at finding their way into warm, dry places and once they’re in, they can begin to multiply. Anything as small as a quarter-inch space can be perfect for common pests. If cables are being run around the office be sure that all holes are sealed properly and there is no risk of letting in a single unwanted visitor.

Take Pest Control Seriously

Even clean environments can quickly and easily become home for pests, simply due to an unsealed hole or patch of unnoticed damp. Employees should feel able to report any issues to their line managers and any potential sighting of a pest should be taken seriously, bringing in professional pest control or building management specialists to deal with the issue. You may also find that pests are communicable through your workforce themselves so best practice in personal care should be part of your expectation from all of your employees.

The starting point for a pest-free workplace is cleanliness and a rigorous cleaning schedule which keeps any hazards and risks at bay. Contact Penn-Jersey at any time to discuss putting the right cleaning schedule in place for your business.

Photo by Camilo Jimenez from Unsplash