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Penn Jersey: Committed To 19104 For Over 50 Years

Proud, diverse and committed to West Philly

Penn Jersey could not be prouder to be a West Philadelphia business, it’s in the heart of all we do and even forms part of our tagline: “doing the best for Philly West!” We are a community and a family business committed to our clients but also to our staff teams. We are proud of the diversity in our workforce and are always looking to bring in new team members who want to provide the best level of service to all based in the Philadelphia 19104 community.

Diverse, Customer-Centered Community Business

At the heart of West Philly since 1967, our found Ruby Katzin placed himself and his business at the heart of the area, ensuring our clients interests and needs were easily met. A commitment to 19104 means our recruitment processes ensure a diverse yet local talent pool has the chance to join our team. Our CEO Glenn Stieffenhofer explains: “90% of our employees come from the immediate area, surrounding the University of Pennsylvania. By far the largest value to us is in aligning with the University’s growth and goals of inclusiveness and diverse cultural involvement.”

With over 50 years of being part of West Philly and the University of Pennsylvania community, our commitment has never wavered, and our teams remain as enthusiastic as they were on day one. Being part of the West Philly community matters to us, as does ensuring our staff represent the community and are as diverse and individual as all members of our community. We are committed to supporting employees of all backgrounds and advantage and disadvantages and our teams reflect our client base, as we are proud to work with businesses in every sector and of every type.

Creating a Warm Welcome to West Philly

Our building and cleaning services help ensure our clients create a great first impression to any visitors to their premises. We’re proud of our part in this and believe ensuring all our clients premises look as fantastic as they possibly can, we’re contributing positively to the wider opinion of West Philly.