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Why Cleanliness and High Morale Go Hand-in-Hand

A clean workplace is a happy workplace and providing your employees with a clean, hygienic work environment will boost their morale.

Creating a happy and productive workplace is the dream for all managers and company bosses. A happy workforce leads to better work, better quality and the chance to maximize profits. Your employees want to be happy at work and you want them to be happy so they can produce the best work they are able to. Proper office cleaning and a bright, hygienic workplace can result in a much more productive and motivated workforce. Here we’re looking at why you need the cleanest work environment possible for the benefit of all. Common bacteria is prevalent in almost every workplace. Keyboards and mice have a much higher level of bacteria than the average toilet seat according to research by the University of Arizona and this is the case for other regularly touched items too such as door handles.

Poor hygiene practices in the workplace will allow bacteria to flourish and regular cleaning and personal hygiene are key factors in ensuring a safe and clean workplace. In the shadow of Coronavirus practices in general have changed. This can only be a positive thing and means we can create healthier workplaces, boosting morale and productivity. Below is a closer look at the key ways office cleaning will positively impact your business.

Concentration is Boosted

Princeton University researchers found that clutter and the related overstimulation it causes badly impact on attention and efficiency. A busy, messy office is akin to having too many tabs open on your browser, it’s impossible to focus on the task in hand. Staying focused when there are crumbs on the desk, dust on your monitor or papers scattered aimlessly is extremely difficult. Cleanliness and tidiness boost productivity and focus.

Inviting and Attractive

A workspace which is kept clean and bright is also welcoming and somewhere your employees will be happy to be. Big name companies such as Apple and Google are known for the amazing design of their office spaces. While not everyone can have a “Google standard” office, you can make it as clean and bright as possible.

An office with an open and attractive appearance, free of clutter and smelling fresh, will be inviting to both your employees and any other visitors such as clients or potential business partners. A welcoming office environment will also show the respect and care you have for your employees, something they will appreciate.

Shape Company Attitudes and Ethos

Leading by example is vital in all aspects of business. If you have a messy workspace with no sense of cleanliness or respect for each other’s health and wellbeing, employees will quickly fall into this pattern. This in turn will impact on morale and productivity, if you can’t be bothered to keep the place tidy, why would anyone be bothered to put their all into their work? A clean office creates a trickle-down effect and will instil a sense of the importance of neat and tidy work in all employees. Employees working in a fully clean and hygienic environment will not want to be the one person out of place not keeping up with the standards. Their attitude to their work will also follow the same trends, as the environment demands respect and a positive approach to every task.

Commercial Cleaning For Emergencies and Regular Contracts

Working with a contract cleaning company ensures your workspace has a baseline of cleanliness that everyone needs to keep to. Regular cleaners can pop by before or after your working day and ensure everything is returned to as close as new as possible. Everything from sanitization to general janitorial work is possible and with Penn Jersey we can advise the types of service you may require and the frequency of cleans too. We’re ready and waiting to help you turn your workplace into a productive, clean and tidy place, where employees are happy to be.

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