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Day Cleaning or Night Cleaning: The Right Option for your Business

Choosing between getting the professionals in during the day or at night.

Cleaning your commercial premises isn’t something you can choose, it has to be done, and it has to be done well. You can choose when the cleaning takes place however, and for some businesses the choice between day and night cleaning can be a difficult one. The reasons you choose between day and night cleaning may come down to budget, energy efficiency or simply what works best for your business.

There are benefits to both daytime and night cleaning so considering them before making your final decision makes good sense. You can also speak to our team to discuss your needs and we can advise the best option for your business. Let’s look at why you may choose each type of cleaning in turn.

Daytime Cleaning Benefits

Opting for your cleaning service to carry out their work during daytime hours does have many advantages but is it right for your business. Keep these benefits in mind:

Energy Efficiency

Cleaning while the business is occupied means you don’t need to expend additional energy overnight. The facility does not need to be lit up in the evening or night-time and the heating can also be kept off throughout these hours, keeping energy costs down. Paying to power your business at night may not be something you’re comfortable with. Research from BOMA shows after-hours cleaning can account for up 25% of a building’s light usage so it is something to keep in mind.

Improved Night-time Security

Cleaning services working throughout the day do not mean your business is open and potentially at risk in the evening and night. Security may be a concern at night and if your cleaning staff are working during these hours, then your building is effectively open around the clock. Daytime cleaning ensures the building is secured at night.

Improved Turnover Rate

[Higher turnover in night shift work in general]( means your cleaning crew has a higher chance of being short staffed or a continue supply of new starters and trainees whose experience isn’t as high as a long-term experienced cleaner. Night work is hard going and not for everyone and there is much improved turnover in cleaning staff who come to know your premises and ensure the cleaning is completed to the standard you expect.

Night-time Cleaning Benefits

Scheduling your cleaning crews to work in the evening and night-time, once business has shutdown, also has its benefits and may be appropriate for your company. One of the top reasons for choosing night-time cleaning is of course, the freedom to clean without interruption, benefitting both the cleaners and your business. Let’s look at the other benefits in more depth:

Interruptions Minimised

Cleaners can potentially provide a much more in-depth and deeper cleaning service if your staff and other visitors to your business are not around. Equally, cleaning services may make some of your business services difficult to carry out, so opting for night cleaning makes natural sense. No vacuums will be running in the background of your next big meeting, for example.

Health and Safety

Your cleaning crew will inevitably move dust and dirt around as they clean it up and this could potentially cause problems for any employees with allergies. If keeping daytime dust to a minimum is a priority, then night-time cleaning should definitely be a consideration. It’s also worth keeping in mind that cleaning crews come fully prepared, wearing full PPE and using rubber gloves and masks as they clean. This can’t be said of your staff and clients so it may be best that cleaning is done when they’re not around so there’s no risk of cleaning products being inhaled.

Is there a Hybrid Solution?

With the right cleaning company, you can come to a schedule which suits your business needs. You may prefer regular daytime cleaning slots but occasionally want a deep clean at night, for example. Some businesses opt for both to suit their needs while others recognize which is the most effective for their company. For other organizations there are clear and obvious times which are perfect for deep and intensive cleaning, such as vacation periods for schools and colleges. Penn Jersey are on hand to offer our cleaning services at a time to suit your business, just get in touch.

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