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Al Fresco Eating is Back but How's your Clean Up?

The season for dining outdoors is upon us, but how to you keep your outdoor space clean?

After the last twelve months, it’s no wonder we want to get out, about and enjoy as much time in the sun as possible. Cafes, diners and restaurants have opened their doors and their decks and dining al fresco is very much back and ready for us to enjoy. Your outdoor space is probably working harder than ever before, so it’s important to ensure it’s as clean and prepped as possible.

The CDC explains that gathering outdoors are safer than gathering indoors so many of our parties and get togethers are happening outside. Access to an outdoor dining or drinking space gives your business the edge over others and ensures you can operate a 100% pandemic-friendly business.

Most businesses outdoor spaces are utilized for many different purposes. As well as customers dining it may be used for staff during breaks and customers waiting to be seated indoors too. The area needs to be as clean and functional as possible and this ensures you’re maximizing its value and creating a safe dining environment.

Cleaning Plans for Outdoor Spaces

Keeping your outdoor space clean does require some time and maintenance commitments but its worth it when you’re able to service more customers. Here are some key cleaning tasks which should never be forgotten:

Pressure Washing

Your building’s exterior walls and floor take quite a lot of punishment during the colder months. Snowy and rainy weather allows for dirt to build up and collect, and decking is also prone to mold and moss build up. Pressure washing is the answer to this problem as the high-pressured speed that the water comes out will remove almost all grime and built up dirt.

The impact of the pandemic means many businesses have repurposed other spaces, including car lots, for dining, and it is especially important in these instances that commercial pressure washing is carried out to ensure the environment is suitable and safe for dining. Contaminants such as motor oil, anti-freeze residue and dirt can be easily washed away, creating a safe dining environment.

Pest Management

Keeping your outdoor space clean and maintained minimizes the risk of pests. It’s never fun to find a wasp nest hiding in your awning or mice rifling through your trash, so keep it in check to remove this risk. A good cleaning company provides a valuable line of defense as the thorough nature of the clean means they will see areas of your business which may not regularly be checked. A good cleaning partner will check your premises inside and out for evidence of pests. Maintaining the dining area with regular cleaning throughout the day is also important to minimize food waste building up on the ground and attracting pest. The trash should also be checked regularly and stored in pest-proof covered cans where possible.

Seating and Layout Arrangement

Offering an inviting outdoor space is important but you also need to think about how regularly and easily it can be maintained. Features such as fire pits are inviting and create a great atmosphere, but they also require additional maintenance and clean up with the soot that builds up. Opting for plastic furniture is also a good idea to make it easier to wipe down and clean. Plastic furniture options are a lot more varied than in the past and it doesn’t always look like a cheap solution.

Schedule a Deep Clean for your Outdoor Space

At Penn Jersey we provide businesses across West Philadelphia with tailored cleaning services to suit their needs. As the height of summer is here, we get that you want be able to offer your customers the chance to enjoy a drink or two in the sun as well as dinner with their friends and family. If your outdoor space is looking less than inviting then we’re on hand to bring it up to scratch and ensure there is no issue with cleanliness when you reopen your doors. Image source