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Keeping Commercial Waste Odor Under Control

Tips for managing waste and odors for your business

Many businesses have large amounts of waste to deal with, and while you wait for removal, the odor can be overwhelming. The odors in your waste disposal area are never going to be fantastic, but there are ways of minimizing this space and ensuring it does not become a problem for the wider business. You may think waste odor isn’t a big deal, but there are some real reasons to keep it under control, and many ways you can do so.

Why is it essential to keep on top of your commercial waste (and its odor)?

While this might sound obvious, many businesses don’t take responsibility for the smells around their trash and you really should, because:

  • Public health and safety – managing your business’ waste odors is essential for a safe and healthy environment and community. Malodorous waste quickly becomes a habitat for hazardous microorganisms and attracts pests.

  • Workplace quality – your employees will not be happy working for a company that doesn’t deal with its trash. Controlling your commercial waste, and also its stench, should be something you want for your business, but you should also want it for your staff. Who wants to work amongst the stench of trash?

  • Brand image – do you want your business to be known for its smell before its products or services? Brand reputation is everything and you don’t want you rep to be an odor people can’t forget because it’s so unbearable. Visitors to your premises will not have a good impression of your business if the stench of trash hits them on arrival.

Tips for Managing and Neutralizing Waste Odor

Minimizing the amount of trash you generate isn’t always possible, so some measures to manage the waste and its odor include:

Scent Diffusers and Air Fresheners

Masking foul smells is not a complete solution, but it helps to keep them at bay. Air fresheners and scent diffusers may be a good choice for businesses who have a couple of tough days as they wait for trash to be removed at the end of the week. You can mask those smells for the short period they become a problem.

Utilize Everyday Odor-Controllers

Good old baking soda is a great remedy to the stench of the trash cans. It’s always been known for its miracle properties and odor control is one of them. Its chemistry means it acts like a pH neutralizer and can help to give the trash area a cleaner scent while you’re waiting for removal. You can also buy specialise products designed to neutralize and minimize odors.

Liquefy Food Waste

Food waste is probably the worst when it comes to odor and attracting pests. Food waste makes up 22% of all the municipal solid waste there is and dealing with it in a different way could be the answer. There is equipment designed to pulverize or liquefy business’ food waste and this can allow the liquid to be disposed via the sewer system rather than through the regular trash. Businesses with high volumes of food waste such as hospitals, food businesses and schools may consider this alternative to minimize the rotting food left in the trash.

Deal with Waste Quickly

Dependent on who provides your waste removal, you may be able to setup a better schedule. Man drum waste disposal providers are more than happy to increase their rounds and this may be an alternative to consider if odors are becoming a problem.

Clean, Sanitize, Disinfect

Nothing matters more than regular cleaning, and this includes around the waste disposal area. Regular mopping as well as cleaning and sanitization will deal with any spills giving off unpleasant smells. Using disinfectant will also reduce odors associated with microbial growth and food molds. It’s very easy to throw out the trash, shut the door and forget about it. This does your business no good and addition to the overwhelming odors, you may also be creating a hotbed for bacterial growth and posing a potential hazard to health. Take the time to keep it clean.

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