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What is Green Pest Control?

As a company committed to green cleaning, we’re also interested in other green services.

Green Pest Control is described by the Department of Agriculture as a service which uses “an integrated pest management approach while utilizing fewer of the earth’s resources as part of a larger effort to reduce human impacts on the environment”. Simply put, it refers to services where they keep the impact of pest control on the environment to an absolute minimum, as well as keeping in mind the customer’s health and their premises.

Greener answers to almost all cleaning and waste management issues are much more in demand, but how does this work in the world of pest control?

Prevention, not Elimination

Green pest control puts the focus on preventing pests rather than eliminating them. This is due to it being much easier to keep pests out and limit their chances of entering a premises than dealing with them once they are already in. Green pest management does not rely on only natural products as sometimes chemicals are necessary to fully remove a pest infestation. Green pest controllers should, however, make the effort to use targeted chemicals for the specific pest rather than traditional chemical sprays. The products used in green pest control tend to use less harsh chemicals and practitioners take the time to carefully apply them to avoid unnecessary waste or spreading them where they aren’t needed. Common green pest control methods include using baits and human traps as well as insect growth regulation which allows them to target insect species and not harm other organisms.

Integrated Pest Management

Integrated pest management is an essential element of an effective green pest control service. Integrated pest management services are focused on cutting back on the use of unnecessary pesticides. It focuses on looking at the environment itself and determining how that environment allows the pests to thrive. It looks at eliminating environmental factors one by one so pests can no longer thrive in a specific space. This type of program allows the facilitator to select the correct pest control methods for the environment, rather than trying everything and often using unnecessarily chemicals and elimination practices.

Why you should care about Green Business Services

We are not shy about our commitment to green cleaning and regularly share updates about how much we believe our business customers should uphold green business credentials too. Going green helps your business do its bit for our environment and minimizes your business’ carbon footprint. The Earth’s temperature is rapidly increasing and [over 1m species around the planet are at risk of extinction]( https://www.earthday.org/5-terrifying-climate-change-facts-scare-halloween/) due to climate change. Minimizing the additional waste, we put into the environment and unnecessary chemicals we use should be something we all aim to do. Every small change has an impact on the environment, and we should be doing all we can. When you consider your next business service provider, whether that’s pest control, cleaning or other services you need. Image source Pexels