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Commercial Floor Cleaning: You First Line of Defense against Contamination

Why your floor cleaning protocol matters for health, safety and hygiene

Almost all commercial premises feature a high level of footfall and with this footfall comes the underside of their shoes. Everything outside on the sidewalk is walked into your premises and this is why commercial floors can be one of the dirtiest places in the whole building. Businesses of all sizes need to ensure they have a regular plan in place for keeping their floors in top condition and minimizing the risk of contamination from a range of bacteria and other hazards. Penn Jersey provides floor care and cleaning services to businesses around West Philadelphia. We have the expertise to ensure your highest traffic areas still have fully clean and hygienic flooring, keeping the health and safety of your employees and visitors as top priority.

Cleaning and Sanitizing Commercial Flooring

Commercial floor cleaning is tailored to your individual business needs. The process ensures your floors are kept clean and properly maintained. Germs and other hazards walked into the premises are dealt with quickly and you can be safe in the knowledge your flooring is contributing to a healthy work environment. Sanitizing your property’s flooring is a vital step in the cleaning process, ensuring the removal of any potential hazards or germs.

Risks of an Unclean, Unsanitized Floor

No businessowner wants to be ashamed of any element of their premises, but not looking after your flooring or keeping it properly clean also poses other risks:

Negative Impact on Brand Image

If your carpets are never vacuumed or your hard flooring never polished, customers are going to notice. A lack of cleanliness is instantly noticeable and it can be enough to put customers off, even if they had been loyal before. Your business will quickly gain a reputation for being unclean and this will soon lead to loss of custom.

Harming Employee Health

The large amount of footfall in most commercial premises means there is bound to be dirt, bacteria and germs walked in. If it isn’t swiftly and properly dealt with then these germs can thrive and pose a health risk to your employees. Employees calling in sick then results in issues with productivity and eventually impacts your bottom line.

Irreparable Damage to the Flooring

A new wooden floor or a fresh carpet are great and look fantastic, but only if you care for them. As dirt, grease and other contaminants build up, the integrity and quality of your flooring is damaged. Dirt and other contaminants can corrode and cause irreparable damage to your floor if left without regular cleaning. Replacing your flooring simply because you didn’t invest in appropriate cleaning or even carry out regular cleaning yourself is a huge cost to bear.

Professional Commercial Floor Cleaning

You and your employees must take some responsibility for caring for the floor. If someone tramples in mud then it should be swept away. If someone spills something on the carpet, the stain should be quickly dealt with. However, professional commercial floor cleaning services ensure a guaranteed standard of cleanliness across your flooring. Commercial floor cleaning includes specialized services such as floor polishing and waxing if required or high-quality carpet cleaning. In all instances you can be sure the cleaning is carried out to the highest standard.

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