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Readying Your Property For Winter - Mild As It May Be

Tips for a winter-ready property

Good news on the horizon for businesses and those who don’t enjoy the cold - Philly is due another mild winter. According to the Philadelphia Inquirer, snow will be between 3 and 9 inches lower than average, and the temperature will be on average 3 degrees higher than what you might expect for the season. This is music to the ears of businesses who expect lower footfall during winter, but it still requires necessary planning. Snowfall, even at lower levels, can play havoc with a business, as can the cold that settles in and impacts the ground areas and the pipework of businesses. A good place to start is with the exterior - managing the superficial look of the business can help to keep customers coming in, and give a hint as to any deeper, underlying problems.

Hiding beneath the snow

It’s really important to get snowdrifts moved off of the property as soon as possible. Businesses that have paths providing access into the enterprise will turn away potential customers if they don’t clear the mess away. That’s an immediate loss in revenue, and something that can be disastrous in the tough winter season.

Furthermore, businesses that continue to invite customers in when there are potentially dangerous freezes in the pathway are asking for legal action. A recent settlement agreement between the Philadelphia city authorities and a carpentry foreman resulted in a $10 million payout; not properly clearing ice can be a huge financial risk for businesses. What’s more, existing dirt and grime underneath the ice can make the slip risk even greater. Undertaking proper cleaning, with full floor care, is a good first step. Taking away the filth that can create a slip risk will greatly improve the state of your paths - getting it done before the frost sets in, essential.

Soaking into the frames

Philly is a wet city and over the years, that water can sneak into cracks in the building. According to Opal Exteriors, infiltrating water can create a serious problem. If it pushes into the window frame, it can stretch and crack glass panes, creating a safety problem from broken glass, and also encouraging cold and frost to creep inside of the property. Accordingly, it’s a good idea to get a proper window washing service before the winter sets in.

Tackling the mold

The wet and cold weather also presents the perfect conditions for mold to set in. During summer it can be easy to push mold away; walls and windows dry out, and the heat ensures they can’t spread quickly. However, as reports over the past years have shown, including this exposé of a South Jersey school by NBC 10, mold does take hold in many properties. Mold is a serious health risk, both to employees and visiting customers. Another good idea to undertake before the cold sets in is a full inspection and deep clean of any mold hot-spots, before taking on any remedial action required. This will stop the problem blooming out of control during the winter months - months in which it will also be more difficult to treat any external, superficial elements of the problem. Checking out the roof

A less explored area of the commercial building is, arguably, the roof. Problems are harder to see on top of the building until they become insurmountable, causing leaks, or, in more extreme circumstances, collapses. Snow in particular is an extremely effective tool in creating collapses; large snow drift piles on the roof of a property can cause long-term damage even when left to turn into ice or frost, and can cause acute issues. Just last year, a Philadelphia area bowling alley experienced a snow roof collapse, according to Penn Live.

These problems are exacerbated where there is detritus on the roof. Leaves, moss, plants, and other overgrowth create a buildup which will then trap moisture, become frozen, and also help to trap and support snowdrifts. Once up there, they become more difficult, and more dangerous to shift - workers should not be expected to get up on the roof of a property if it’s not safe to do so. As such, it’s important to get the job sorted now - undertaking full and proper cleaning of the roof, and removing all plant life and detritus, will protect it from dangerous frost.

The winter is going to be mild, but preparation is still required. Snow will fall, the temperatures will drop, and you have to protect your commercial property to keep your money coming in, and to maintain the confidence of customers. Undertaking full cleaning and remedial action today will ensure that there isn’t a deep freeze that is, ultimately, impossible to remove safely. Flourish in the coming winter season by protecting every aspect of your business against the cold.

Image source: Pixabay