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Philly Is Caught In A Winter Virus Crisis - Commercial Properties Must React

Making it through the Winter season

Coughs, colds, flu and now coronavirus are all part and parcel of winter. Despite this, some analysts - including the news team over at CBS Philadelphia - think that Philly’s current respiratory virus season is already pretty bad. Just across the Delaware River in Camden, winter respiratory cases have reached 884 reports already - compared to just 20 in the previous. The figures are set to be just as severe in Philadelphia, and that’s bad news for society and, in particular, vulnerable people. However, the Christmas season is just around the corner, and with December coming in, more and more people will want to get out and shop. As a business owner, your premises must be truly hygienic in order to enable that custom, and to keep you safe and secure, too.

The absolute basics

Of course, the best way to prevent the spread of respiratory diseases is to simply stay home. Unfortunately, not every shopper is going to embrace that - either because they feel they need to go out, despite being ill, or because of a lack of symptoms. The latter factor is particularly important when considering COVID-19.

According to the CDC, the most important principles for preventing infection out ‘in society’ is hand-washing, keeping hands away from the face, and regular cleaning of surfaces. For business owners, you can go that little bit further when considering the latter. Aside from doing the basics of providing hand gel and hand washing facilities, you can take that extra step of thorough cleaning ahead of the season - and as regularly as possible during. Really getting into every nook and cranny of the property, and having professional cleaning every evening to ensure that surfaces are wiped down and clean, will ensure that no diseases remain in the property and it can be considered truly clean for the next working day.

Hidden dangers - the floor

The best cleaning often neglects one important area - the floor. Often, a quick mop is all the attention given to under-foot surfaces. Yet, those carpets and tiles could be hiding huge amounts of bacteria and viruses. The trick to combating that is, as with other deep clean surfaces, proper attention. Carpets in particular need specific and expert attention to fully destroy any harmful particles. That care needs to be maintained with regular vacuuming.

There is also a need to ensure that any products you are using don’t contribute to poor respiratory health. According to one article by, some of the compounds found in common floor cleaners and detergents are actively harmful to the atmosphere. They release compounds that erode the ozone, and can create pollution that impacts those already diagnosed with respiratory conditions. Use green products.

Impact of mold

2022 has been a really tough year when it comes to allergens, according to Philly Mag. Huge levels of plant debris have been causing respiratory symptoms throughout the fall season, and they haven’t gotten any better into winter due to ragweed. Furthermore, mold levels have been exacerbated by the wet, and while the winter is set to be wild, the cold will still help to worsen that situation. Mold inside the business can impact workers who visit daily, and especially those with existing respiratory conditions. For customers, it can cause acute illness and is also unpleasant to have to experience. As such, deep mold cleaning is an essential step in creating a truly hygienic property.

Considering the exterior

Don’t just focus on your interior properties, either. Just because a customer or employee has moved outside doesn’t mean that the risk is removed. As highlighted by Bloomberg, transmission rates for covid-19 will increase outside just as they do inside. Yes, there is some element of dispersal caused by the air outside, but the risk remains. What can businesses do to tackle this?

Maintenance of the exterior is an important step to help create a covid safe environment. Deep cleaning of the pavements and other exterior surfaces to ensure that bacteria don’t have an area in which to thrive is important - and this will also help to combat mold issues, too. You can’t prevent all transmission, but creating a hygienic bubble both out and inside your premises will ensure that customers have the best chance of their visit being a happy one.

This will protect you as well. Staying fit and well will be good for your mental and physical health, and help you take the best opportunities given during the seasonal period. For your customers, it means a good experience, and in their eyes, an enhanced reputation of the business. Cleanliness might seem like a basic tenet of business, but in reality, it’s a foundational principle that will help you to achieve the best you can in your business dealings during the winter.

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