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Here Comes The Heat - Upkeep And Risks During Philadelphia’s Swelter Season

As temperature's rise, how do you keep on top of your building maintenance?

The USA is experiencing record setting temperatures. According to NBC 10 Philadelphia, the city and state will be next in line to experience that; August and September will see a lot of days over 90 degrees. When the sun comes out it’s a great opportunity for businesses, but there are also risks that start becoming apparent - especially for commercial building managers and business operators. In the commercial space, this can range from simple damage arising from the heat off the street, through to the serious risk of fire and the maintenance work that’s required to fix and prevent future damage.

Providing a safe haven

When the heat waves arrive, as they did in July’s climate emergency, analyzed by the Inquirer, it gets difficult to simply exist outdoors. That being said, shopping is still there to be enjoyed, businesses still need to provide services, and consumers will be looking for a safe haven to get out of the heat. Businesses can offer that, but a bit of maintenance is required first to make sure you can provide a safe and welcoming environment to the public.

Make sure the air conditioning is working - and is suitable for the space and number of people in the building. Ensuring that vents have been cleaned and are fit for purpose is important, too. Air filtration and ventilation systems can harbor mold, dust, and other pollutants that will then be directly transmitted into the environment - which is bad enough for the business owner and employees, but even worse again for customers, and could attract legal liability.

The property should be thoroughly cleaned, too, and regular maintenance undertaken to ensure that dust, detritus, and anything else can be removed regularly. A lot is dragged in from the outside during these dry hot months, which can be a risk inside. Keep on top and keep it welcoming.

Addressing the risks

One of the primary causes of wildfires is dry vegetation and other organic material that, once ignited, becomes impossible to put out. As NPR highlights, there is actually a significant risk of wildfire in Philly, owing to the hot climate around the city and the state and the significant amount of vegetation. If rain stays off for a notable period of time, it will result in fires. The roof of a property can be part of this.

Philly is blessed by its greenery and is one of the greenest cities in the country. That does however mean a lot of leaf fall and detritus throughout the year - which can and will start to accumulate on the roof. Regular maintenance will reduce fire risk and ensure that it doesn’t become a tinderbox for the next fire. This not only will benefit your business and customers, but will do right by the wider community by reducing the risk of serious damage or fire spreading.

If disaster strikes

As the BBC notes, there have already been significant damages in Philadelphia due to fire in 2023. The Interstate 95 collapse is an example of this, and the fire department has seen higher than normal rates of fire. For a business, a fire is a severe and significantly damaging event, but there are options out there to ensure that the business does not go under and can open up again in a way that is valuable to customers.

Aside from ensuring the building is safe and has been subject to remedial action as per fire brigade requirements, it’s crucial to consider the deeper work needed in a property to get it back up to speed. Fire will often open up weaknesses in the wider structure that perhaps weren’t visible either, and will aid the introduction of mold and other problems during wet seasons. Renovation will also often be on the cards, and a specialist service can help to ensure it’s done properly. Rather than rushing into new fittings, furniture and interior design, having a specialist cleanup team that can look into where the damage is, fully strip back and destroy damaged areas, and freshen it all up with a clean bill of health is essential.

Hopefully, fire won’t strike, and the worst of the hot season will be the average Philly native reaching for a water bottle as they seek to stay hydrated against the sun beating down. Businesses can help to manage that risk and do their part in keeping fires at bay, and keeping overheated members of the public happy and hydrated. Being a haven will also help to promote your business and give it a good reputation; and being a responsible premises owner that looks out for fire risks and minimizes them will protect you as well as your neighbors. Bringing the community together this summer will help everyone to enjoy it safely, and businesses have a key role to play in that.

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