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Commercial Building Cleaning Philadelphia

If you run a business in Philadelphia, whether you serve the public, or have staff on-site, commercial building cleaning services are essential, for health and safety, and for maintaining a professional appearance you can be proud of.

A commercial cleaner has an important responsibility, which is to keep all spaces and areas within a building as tidy, and clean as the day it opened, and ready for use by staff and customers. No matter what industry you’re in, you’ll get great, long-lasting results from our commercial cleaning crew, many of whom live within walking distance of our west Philadelphia warehouse.

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Our expert teams are equipped with the right tools for every job, and are able to eliminate grime that accumulates in common locations, as well as digging it out wherever it's concealed.

Commercial Kitchen Cleaning

The environment in a kitchen is considered ‘high-risk’ because any germs that remain on prep stations can cause serious health issues. Commercial cleaning crews keep kitchens clean, sanitized, and operational by:

  • Scrubbing exhaust fans and hoods
  • Disinfecting counters and sinks
  • Deep cleaning grimy surfaces

In busy kitchens, cleaning crews will also empty grease traps and replace filters. The goal is to keep everything tidy so that a kitchen can maintain operational efficiency, safety, and cleanliness.

Commercial Bathroom Cleaning

When commercial crews tackle bathrooms, stronger products are used on surfaces where viruses and bacteria are typically found. Various cleansers are sprayed on:

  • Sinks
  • Walls
  • Faucets
  • Fixtures

On the floor, commercial cleaners focus on the grout since bacteria and dirt commonly accumulate in this location. A cylindrical brush floor machine will be used if the grout has harsh stains that are tough to remove.

Office Cleaning

Office cleaning tasks vary by industry; however, most jobs will require tasks that are somewhat time consuming, but which we are well-equipped to tackle efficiently for you. Our team will dust, vacuum, and empty the trash.

Some of our more specialist services include: waxing floors, thoroughly cleaning appliances, and pretty much any other essential cleaning task you require. Because the size of a building impacts the amount of work that needs to be done, most jobs are calculated based on square foot. Typically, the overall costs will be higher if an office is located in a healthcare facility because specialized cleansers must be used.

Warehouse Cleaning

Commercial building cleaning technicians also work in warehouse environments on a daily or weekly basis to keep the environment safe for the staff and visitors.

They clean:

  • Medical storage facilities
  • Industrial warehouses
  • Manufacturing plants

Commercial cleaners also provide services following a major construction project. In this situation, a crew will work continuously until all dirt and debris is removed from the environment.

Our commercial building and roof cleaning services in Philadelphia benefit office businesses, hotel managers, and restaurants owners. When stains and heavy soiled surfaces aren’t treated, germs and bacteria will contaminate the work environment. In order to protect customers and employees, professional and experienced cleaners like Penn Jersey can be trusted to get exceptional results.

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