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Commercial Carpet Cleaning Service in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

A business always needs to look clean and presentable for customers and employees alike. This is why regular professional commercial carpet cleaning services are so essential. Clean, pristine carpets make a great first impression to any visitor.

If you’re searching for commercial carpet cleaning in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Penn Jersey is here to help. With over four decades of experience, we specialize in high-quality, professional carpet cleaning. Business owners can trust us to deliver clean, and fresh-smelling results every time.

Commercial carpet cleaning services are a must for businesses in a wide range of sectors. You need your carpets, like every other part of your business, to look great to attract the right kind of attention from visitors.

Our commercial carpet cleaning service can keep your carpeting in A+ condition for longer, as a well-maintained carpet will last longer.

Our experienced, trained and skilled cleaners can rid your business’ carpeting of any lingering debris, dirt and dust. We can make your carpeting look and feel smooth, bright and more inviting. If you’re sick and tired of looking at carpet that’s dull, lackluster and lifeless, Penn Jersey is ready to step in. We deliver the highest quality of carpet cleaning, bringing life back into every kind of carpet.

The Risk of Unclean Commercial Carpets

Whether your premises are strictly for you and your employees or you invite customers and clients in, unclean carpets pose a real health risk. Your carpets need to kept in the best possible condition and cleaned regularly to avoid the following hazards:

  • The spread of allergies

Unclean carpets harbor allergens, which can lead to real health concerns for anyone visiting or frequenting your premises. Professional commercial carpet cleaning ensures all allergens are removed and your carpets are hygienic and won’t be the cause of any allergies.

  • Pest infestation

Not all pests are visible and dirty carpets are home to all kinds of small, yet hazardous, pests. Pests such as dust mites and carpet beetles love unclean fibers. Keeping your carpets clean is essential to avoid sharing your premises with a wealth of pests. Pests post real dangers to human health and if a customer spots on, your business reputation is ruined.

  • Mold and bacterial growth

Mold has huge potential health risks and is not something you want in your home or business. Your business’ carpets can easily become the perfect breeding ground for mold if not kept clean. Mold and bacteria growth in carpets can lead to respiratory problems and other health concerns.

Professional Commercial Carpet Cleaning

Understanding the risks of unclean carpets is a great starting point for making a change. Whether running a single business or a number of properties, any carpeted area needs to be regularly cleaned.

At Penn Jersey we have been providing high quality commercial carpet cleaning services to businesses for many years. We work to remove odors, stains and importantly those hazards we’ve already mentioned. The finished result is carpets that look and smell great, and pose no health risk whatsoever.

As well as giving you peace of mind about the hygiene of your carpets, Penn Jersey commercial carpet cleaning ensures your business offers a great first impression to any visitors.

Flexible Cleaning Services to suit your Business

We recognize there are many priorities in business which is why we offer flexible carpet cleaning services. Both contract and reactive services are possible, with our carpet cleaners working with many clients on a regular basis as well as some for one-off special jobs and contracts.

Our professional teams are used to working with carpets of many different styles, fibers and materials and we have access to a variety carpet cleaning machinery and materials, guaranteeing the right setup for each job.

You can be confident our teams will take care of carpets of all designs, styles and fabrics, using the right equipment and materials each time.

Fresh, Clean
And Protected

Our seasoned specialists don't just deep clean your carpet, either. We're able to shift unpleasant odors with our efficient carpet deodorization service. Carpet deodorizers can help you maintain a carpet that smells as fresh and pleasant as it looks and feels. An added bonus of Penn Jersey's commercial carpet cleaning.

Protecting Your Carpet

We also protect carpeting. Carpeting your business premises can get expensive. It is a significant investment and not one you want to repeat too many times in the life cycle of your busines.

If you want to give your business’ carpeting extra protection against spills, dirt and dust, we can provide you with first-rate protection that can reduce the amount of dirt that makes its way into your carpet’s fibers.

Our protection work, part of our commercial carpet cleaning service, can help people maintain their carpeting for a lot longer. This allows your business to both make a long-term cost saving and enjoy better quality for your carpets. Protective coatings and coverings help keep your carpet in top condition for longer and add value to your initial investment.

About Our Philadelphia Commercial Carpet Cleaning Service

We have a team of proficient carpet cleaners, many of whom have been with us since the day we opened. Our company has been part of the business community in West Philadelphia for more than four decades. We’re passionate about serving our community and making our local businesses shine.

We specialize in all kinds of cleaning service and endeavor to deliver the highest standards for every client. You can combine our different cleaning services too, ensuring every aspect of your business is as perfectly clean as your carpets.

If you’re searching for reputable commercial carpet cleaning businesses, who can protect, freshen, and restore your carpets, we’ve probably done the same job for someone right around the corner from you, right here in Philadelphia. Ask around and you’ll only hear positive stories of the work of our highly experienced commercial cleaning teams.

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