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Commercial Real Estate Cleaning Services

If you are a property owner or realtor wanting to grow or maintain occupancy, you need your buildings to always look and feel as clean and attractive as possible. However, you may not have the time or experience to dedicate to cleaning your properties yourself. And that goes too for the worry of managing an outside cleaning service. But that's where Penn Jersey can help. In our 5 decades of cleaning right across Philadelphia, we’ve worked with many realtors to clean and maintain their properties. After all, a space needs to look its absolute best to be able to sell. Penn Jersey’s team of experienced cleaning experts can bring the best out of any property.

Penn Jersey’s janitorial services for realtors

Our real estate cleaning team will leave you with a spotlessly clean property every time. And not only that, one that’s ready to live in straight away. After all, one of the key selling points to any home is the property’s look and feel. We also understand that a professionally cleaned property reflects on the agent showcasing it and we want you to always make the best impression.

At Penn Jersey, we are proud to provide a consistently high service that’s also cost effective, eco-friendly and focused on delivering the best service to all our clients. Our expert cleaning team, combined with the most up-to-date equipment and products, will guarantee you receive the best janitorial service every time.

A Tailor Made Service
Just for You

When realtors organize an open house viewing, they need the properties to be shown in the best possible way.

That’s just one way Penn Jersey can help. We will professionally clean your property, removing all traces of previous tenants. We will bring your property back to its best and looking like new again. We also offer our excellent move in and move out cleaning services to property owners.

With Penn Jersey, you receive a complete assessment of your requirements. We then create a specialized maintenance and cleaning plan tailored to you. And if your requirements change, we will change our cleaning plan, so we can continue to provide the greatest service that also offers value for money.

Why do Philadelphia’s realtors choose Penn Jersey?

Our clients keep coming back to us because we provide a thorough cleaning service that they can rely on. We completely understand how important sanitation and beauty is when it comes to real estate. The appearance of a property is a huge factor in its saleability. Even just a small amount of dirt and grime can put off potential buyers. But when you use our real estate cleaning services, you can always feel confident when you show a property. After all, with everything else to think about, making sure that a property is attractive and clean shouldn’t be one of them.

Dedicated, experienced and friendly service when you need it

We are proud of the dedicated and thorough service we give to real estate properties. Our expert cleaning technicians know how important cleanliness and attractiveness is when it comes to selling real estate. They appreciate the how the design and appearance of a property is a key factor for potential buyers. We know at even the smallest amount of dirt or dust can prevent your next potential buyer from purchasing the property. With our service, Philadelphia’s realtors can always feel confident when showing off a property, safe in the knowledge that the building will always look its best in our care.

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