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Daycare Center Cleaning Services

For children to spend their time in a clean environment is one of the best ways to help ensure they remain healthy and happy. But everything from dirty toys and eating utensils, to surfaces, furniture and linens will all carry germs that can spread. But dirt, germs and bacteria can be eliminated and surfaces protected with regular and thorough cleaning.

After all, each day, parents entrust the care of their children to you. But you can rely on Penn Jersey to keep your childcare center safe and hygienic. With our 50 years of experience, we understand the specific nuances involved in cleaning childcare centers. This means we know which areas need the most attention. And above all, where to look for crumbs and fingerprints and anything else your little guests leave behind.

Child-friendly daycare center cleaning solutions

When you run a daycare center, nothing becomes more important than the safety of the children you care for. With daycare cleaning services from Penn Jersey, it’s easy to keep children protected against bacteria and germs. Furthermore, you can have peace of mind that we don’t use harsh or harmful chemicals. With our green and child-friendly approach to cleaning, Penn Jersey has become the trusted cleaning provider of Philadelphia’s daycare centers across the city.

A Top to Bottom Clean for
Philadelphia’s Daycare Centers

We pride ourselves on leaving our customers with thoroughly cleaned and spotless premises. We don't just move dirt around, we remove it completely leaving you with a fresh and clean space. With lots of children using the daycare center’s facilities every day, we know just how important hygienically clean washrooms and bathrooms become.

Our cleaning team always give extra attention to high-bacteria-risk and high-touch areas when cleaning washrooms and bathrooms. Doing so helps to reduce the risk of transferring bacteria from person to person. A clean and safe facility for children to play and learn in is essential to their health and development. That is why Penn Jersey continues to be proud to provide our expert cleaning services to daycare centers across Philadelphia.

Flexible, reliable cleaning service

Our professional cleaning staff are available whenever you need them and will work around your schedule. We will also tailor our service to suit your specific needs, schedule and budget. We know that daycare center cleaning can become tricky with children around. And we don’t want to disrupt their routine. So, we can come in after hours, whatever works for you. But above all, we are proud to provide Philadelphia’s children and teachers with a safe, clean and healthy environment, to learn, play and grow in.

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