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Fire Restoration

Regardless of whether it’s your home or business premises, there’s not much more devastating than a fire. When there’s smoke, fire and water damage, the property needs restoring to its original condition as quickly as possible.

Even a relatively small fire can cause extensive damage. You will likely have a lot to do to get your home or business restored and back in operation. At Penn Jersey, we understand these challenges. More than this, we want to help and take one of the pressures off your hands.

We will get started on your fire damage restoration project straight away. It’s our priority to minimize further damage as much as possible. Fire, smoke and water can quickly cause rust, staining and discoloration and mold and mildew if not treated fast enough. The sooner you contact us, the sooner we can work to limit long-term damage and effectively restore your property to the best condition possible.

Complete Fire Damage Restoration Service

When looking for fire restoration companies in Philadelphia, Penn Jersey provides unrivalled expert solutions and excellent customer service. Our customers benefit from our wealth of knowledge and experience in restoring fire damaged properties. We work as quickly and cost-effectively as possible to return your property back to its original condition. Furthermore, our comprehensive fire damage restoration services comply with local and state laws and regulations. With many years’ experience offering fire damage restoration in Philadelphia, we are compliant in all the legislation necessary to ensure our work is safe and in line with what is required by the state.

Time Matters with Fire Restoration

Fire causes immediate damage but there are also time sensitive dangers to keep in mind. Initial damage to furnishings, structural safety and other fixtures and fittings within a property is one thing but there are further dangers to keep in mind. Traces of soot and smoke on the walls, floors, ceiling and contents of a room continue to cause potentially hazardous damage. Acidic soot contamination can corrode surfaces and if left for too long, this can be almost impossible to restore. Professional fire restoration and cleaning services should be called in as soon as possible to stop any potential corrosion in its tracks.

Odors and smoke particles left in a property can also be unpleasant to live with as well as cause a health hazard. A building’s occupants are at risk of respiratory problems if all smoke and soot isn’t cleaned away and removed from a property. This is why investing in professional fire restoration services is recommended as quickly as possible. Our services help to restore your property to safety, maintain its structural integrity and ensure it is a safe place to work from once more. The extent of the fire and the time in which you contract our services will impact on what we can provide, but in every instance we do all we can to offer complete fire restoration.

Fast Fire

Not dealing quickly with the after-effects of a fire, can lead to an increase in secondary damage. To limit further repair costs, it's essential to respond quickly once the fire is out. Our fire restoration crew will be at the scene fast and work hard to keep your losses to a minimum. It's not just fire and smoke that can damage your Philadelphia home or business, but water can too. Penn Jersey has specialized fire and water damage cleanup and restoration knowledge to get your property back to its best. We are also experienced in odor removal and deep cleaning carpet and upholstery. In fact, we offer a comprehensive range of disaster restoration services in Philadelphia for home and business owners.

Fire Restoration Philadelphia’s Experts

At Penn Jersey, we understand the devastation that fire damage can cause. Whether it’s your business or home, you need a caring and supportive expert to guide you through this crisis. Our team of fire restoration experts will treat you and your property with empathy and respect at all times. We recognize the real trauma involved, even in a small fire, and want to ease you through this process in any way we can. Our services are carried out quickly and efficiently, ensuring you are able to continue with any other requirements after the incident and begin to move forward as quickly as you need.

To provide our customers with the most advanced fire restoration solutions, Penn Jersey uses the latest technology and innovations, investing time and energy in understanding and testing the latest techniques for better service delivery. Our team regularly undertakes training to ensure we are up-to-date with the latest fire restoration techniques and equipment and always delivering the highest quality services. Safety is a high priority and we work to ensure your property is returned to as safe a status as it can be through our services.

Getting You Back in Business

Dealing with the aftermath of a fire can be an emotional and unsettling time. So, you need experts you can trust. Penn Jersey offers that team. We understand how distressing a fire can be, so work hard to finish the job effectively, thoroughly and quickly. During this difficult and stressful time, Penn Jersey will work with you to make sure your fire restoration project goes as smoothly as possible. Your property is in safe hands with Penn Jersey.

However traumatizing the fire is, acting quickly is key to maintaining your property. Penn Jersey act fast to ensure we can remove and clean away as much damage as possible, restoring your property to the best possible state we can. Our focus is ensuring your property is safe and clean, restored to a point where you can decide where to go next and get back to business as quickly as possible. Our teams work quickly and sensitively and are always on hand to advise or answer any queries you may have about our services.

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