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Industrial Cleaning

When you run an industrial facility, you know the importance of maximizing productivity and minimizing downtime. Industrial cleaning keeps your business in efficient, functional working order. Penn Jersey specialize in high-quality cleaning services for all sectors, including industrial businesses.

Industrial cleaning services are a vital part of any successful and high-functioning operation. Maximizing productivity and minimizing downtime is not possible in an unclean, disorganized work environment. Furthermore, clean and healthy workplaces also contribute to employee retention and reduce sickness.

That’s why it’s important to make cleaning your industrial workplace a high priority. Cleaning and decontamination removes dangerous chemical build-up, mold and pollutants. These can impact on your employees’ health, while also be damaging to crucial equipment. All industrial premises are unique but with the right cleaning partner any hygiene and cleanliness issues can be dealt with quickly and effectively.

Penn Jersey began providing cleaning services in Philadelphia over five decades ago. Our commitment to the local community has not changed in all this time. We deliver the highest quality industrial cleaning services to businesses across Philadelphia.

Our cleaning services boost your workflow and give you peace of mind that your business is always safe, clean and hygienic. Our highly trained industrial cleaning team carry out a variety of industrial cleaning services on your behalf, keeping your premises in top condition. We work with industrial businesses in a range of sectors from chemical-based organizations to large warehouses, factories and more.

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Industrial Industry

At Penn Jersey, we use the best cleaning products and the latest equipment. Our commitment to quality ensures your industrial business is maintained to the highest standards. Our industrial cleaning team will eliminate odors, bacteria and other pollutants. We take pride in leaving nothing behind other than pristine surfaces, floors, windows and equipment. We guarantee that our customized industrial cleaning services will exceed your expectations, while also avoiding interrupting your daily business routine. Our services fit around your business needs, ensuring the highest level of cleanliness at all times.

Industrial Cleaning Services in Philadelphia

Industrial cleaning is more than just about boosting worker productivity. Regular cleaning and maintenance of industrial tools and equipment becomes essential to keep them in good working order. As professionals in the commercial cleaning Philadelphia businesses rely upon, we offer the same high standards of industrial cleaning too.

Industrial cleaning helps to minimize the need for any downtime, while also extending the life on your equipment. Penn Jersey provides industrial cleaning services for an array of industrial buildings including warehouses, factories, storage facilities and manufacturers. In industrial buildings, a number of areas can quickly become contaminated.

Some of our most popular industrial cleaning services include:

  • Chemical clean-up
  • Air duct and vent cleaning
  • Exhaust cleaning
  • Dust collector cleaning
  • Hood exhaust systems
  • High-pressure cleaning
  • Heat exchanger and tube cleaning
  • Vessel and tank cleaning

We recognize that many industrial businesses are exceptionally busy. Some even operate 24/7. We can deliver our cleaning services at any time. Arrange a cleaning schedule to avoid your busiest times, minimize downtime and still benefit from a fully hygienic and clean premises.

Our team will work around your busiest times and ensure your premises is always fully clean and in best working order. The risks of not keeping your premises fully clean cannot be ignored.

Not only is it unfair to expect your employees to work in an unclean environment it can also be unsafe. Unclean work environments increase the risk of accident and injury. This is especially problematic in industrial environments as hazardous chemicals and materials are more likely to be present. You must keep your premises as clean as possible to protect your workforce.

Penn Jersey’s commitment to meeting all your industrial cleaning needs

If you are looking for a Philadelphia-based industrial cleaning company that puts your needs first, then you won’t be disappointed with our service. We know that running a business can demand a lot of your time and attention. Therefore cleaning duties can fall down the list of priorities. However, a dirty or poorly maintained workplace will seriously start to hurt your bottom line.

It’s time to invest in quality, reliable and efficient cleaning services from Penn Jersey. We work with all our customers on an individual basis. We tailor our services to your industrial premises needs.

Our services include the care of both the inside and outside of your building. We maintain sidewalks and parking lots in addition to your main buildings. Simply get in touch today and we’ll arrange an initial appointment to discuss your industrial cleaning needs.

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