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Movie Theater Cleaning Services

More than 225 million Americans will go to the movie theater at least once this year. Across the country that means a lot of people coming through the door each day, eating, drinking and using the washroom facilities. After nearly 50 years of providing a professional cleaning service, we are proud to give Philadelphia's movie theaters the Hollywood treatment with our professional movie theater cleaning services. Penn Jersey provides movie theater cleaning services that will have movie-goers returning time after time.

Hollywood treatment from Penn Jersey

First impressions count. That’s why the cleanliness of your foyers, ticket booths, and all the public areas is so important when customers visit your movie theater. And we understand that for busy venues like yours, it can sometimes be difficult to keep your movie theater cleaning up to your patrons’ expectations. A quick spot cleaning between screenings will never be enough. That’s why we offer a deep clean service each night to ensure your theater is always sparkling clean.

Lights, Camera, Sparkle for
Philadelphia's Movie Theaters

In the five decades we've been caring for Philadelphia's businesses, we've become known for providing a reliable, quality and flexible cleaning service. We will deliver a thorough service across the entire venue. From ensuring all surfaces remain clean and dust-free and the windows gleam, to ensuring the floors shine and the washrooms stay sanitized. No matter the size of the movie theater, our highly trained cleaning staff will ensure that we deliver a clean movie theater that’s always picture perfect.

Our comprehensive movie theater cleaning service includes:

  • Pre and post movie cleans
  • Sweeping and mopping public stairwells and hard surfaces
  • Cleaning all interior glass
  • Vacuuming, carpet cleaning and floor buffing
  • Theater seat cleaning
  • Dusting all surfaces
  • Disinfecting and cleaning washrooms
  • Replenishing paper and soap dispensers
  • Removing trash and replacing waste basket liners
  • Cleaning light fixtures, fire extinguisher and exit signs
  • Cleaning parking areas

Professional movie theater cleaning service

Movie theaters need a professional cleaning service that understands the pressure and time constraints of a busy venue. That’s why at Penn Jersey we offer a flexible, but comprehensive cleaning service that pays attention to detail. We know that a one size fits all approach to cleaning simply doesn’t work. We also appreciate that things like butter, salt, sodas, candy and foot traffic create the need for regular carpet and upholstery cleaning to remove the build-up of dirt, marks and stains. And our team of highly trained, experienced cleaners will ensure that everything gets done the right way. We take pride in our cleaning services and commitment to meeting your needs. We want your customers to have a great night at the movies, while you have a clean and beautiful theater to be proud of.

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