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Restroom Cleaning and Sanitizing in Philadelphia

Each time a toilet flushes, it emits millions of bacteria containing water particles into the air. Furthermore, these bacteria carrying particles can spread up to 20 feet. Regular restroom cleaning and removing surface dirt and grime is crucial to maintaining a clean and inviting restroom.

To effectively prevent build-up of hidden germs and bacteria, you should consider hiring a specialist restroom cleaning service. They will ensure that you always provide a hygienic restroom for your visitors. Whether your restrooms are public and can be accessed by anyone, or only for your staff and visitors, they need to be kept clean and hygienic.

Restroom surfaces and facilities can cause significant harm to human health if they are not kept in the cleanest of conditions. The risk of contamination from bodily fluids, dirt and grime is significantly higher in these spaces as they are used regularly by many people and not everyone’s personal hygiene can be relied upon. Investing in high quality restroom cleaning services helps ensure you have the basic levels of hygiene needed.

With the restroom deep cleaning service you get from Penn Jersey, all restroom areas receive a thorough deep clean. Our services can cover multiple restrooms on your premises too.

Our standard restroom deep clean includes cleaning toilets, urinals, sink pipework, walls, flooring and grouting. This will not just remove mold and mildew and reduce infection risk, but will also target ingrained stains and hidden germs too.

Restroom Cleaning and Sanitization
By Penn Jersey

Philadelphia's businesses have come to rely on our high-quality restroom cleaning expertise. We clean and disinfect toilets and bathroom sinks, while also refilling bathroom dispensers, removing all trash and sanitizing the entire restroom area. Businesses across Philadelphia of various sizes benefit from a tailored restroom cleaning service. We tailor the services to meet the demands of business and your budget. Whether your restroom needs a one off deep clean or a regular preventative maintenance program, we always work hard to provide a service that best suits our customers.

A restroom to be proud of

Employees and visitors always appreciate a spotless and hygienically clean restroom. In fact, some people say that the restroom in your office reflects a lot about you and your business. This is why an increasing number of Philadelphia’s business owners make providing a clean restroom a priority.

At Penn Jersey, we take huge pride in all our work, even the smallest, one-off jobs. Our restroom cleaning crew will work hard to give you a restroom to be proud of, while aiming to minimize any disruption. You can trust our experienced, trained specialists to always complete the work to the highest standards.

Not all restrooms are for the public, but this doesn’t mean you can afford to let standards slip. Your employees deserve a clean and hygienic restroom too.

We recommend investing in professional restroom cleaning services whether your facilities are used by guests or not. Every element of your restroom has the potential to harbor germs and bacteria. The nature of the room’s use means it is much higher risk than other areas of your business.

From toilet seats to faucets and trash cans to soap dispensers, every element of your restroom should be regularly cleaned and thoroughly sanitized. Our professional cleaning teams can provide deep clean services, to get your restroom back to its best.

Penn Jersey can also provide regular cleaning and janitorial level services which can include keeping on top of the trash, topping up your paper supply and other day-to-day activities that ensure your restrooms are always in top condition.

Philadelphia’s leading restroom cleaning services

Our professional cleaning service offers peace of mind that your restroom is thoroughly clean, attractive and has no unpleasant odors. We will help to protect your restroom against bacteria and viruses and is a welcoming facility for visitors.

Keeping on top of the basic level of cleaning ensures your restrooms satisfy guests and visitors to your business. If you have public restrooms on your premises it is particularly important to regular check them for cleanliness. You should also ensure you keep on top of paper goods and soap, ensuring any visitors get a great impression of the restroom as well as the rest of your business.

Many of the most busy and popular businesses across Philadelphia rely upon Penn Jersey for the impeccable quality and cleanliness of their restrooms. Our specialist teams come along, sanitize and clean, and leave each restroom looking fantastic. We can plan a cleaning schedule to suit your business and many of our teams happily work outside of office hours.

With Penn Jersey, you can be sure that you have one of the cleanest restroom in Philadelphia.

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