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Sewage Backup Cleaning Services

A sewage backup or overflow situation is more than just damaging to your property. It can quickly become an emergency and a serious danger to your health. Whatever the cause, Penn Jersey's sewage backup cleaning crew can be with you as soon as you need us. We will remove the hazards and water from your building and repair the damage effectively and quickly.

Sewage backup situations should always be treated as an emergency. After all, the water may contain viruses, bacteria, and other germs that cause serious illnesses. Whether it’s because of a sewer backup from a failure in a neighborhood sewer system or from a storm, we have the experience, expertise and tools to restore your property to its best. Our team isn’t afraid to get stuck into cleaning up the messiest of sewage back-up situations.

Identifying Sewage Backup and Leaks

Most sewage backups are identifiable as a leak or water gushing from a manhole. Even a slow trickle can be a sign of a sewer spill. Any wet areas which you cannot account for should be investigated and you need to be aware of the risks of:

  • Drains backing up and leaking inside your premises
  • Sewage seeps in your outside drains
  • Manhole lid leakage nearby your property
  • Odors and the recognizable smell of waste and sewage around the premises or sidewalks nearby

What causes sewage backup?

While it can feel like a devastating experience, sewage backup is actually a common problem. It can happen as a result of any number of things. From soil settlement, root infiltration, and water discharge from dishwasher or washing machine, to the wrong things flushed down the drain, collapsed pipes and drainage or sewage line back up.

Sewers are designed to remove wastewater from your premises. Wastewater above regular levels results in flood and backup. Misuse of drainage or blockages can cause backup too, as can damage during maintenance work or even plant growth in the drainage, usually tree roots or weeds. Internal sewage leaks often occur to damages to the pipework or breakdown and deterioration of the whole system.

If this situation does occur and you are faced with a sewage problem you must take action immediately. It’s important that all sewage and water is removed as quickly as possible. The area must be thoroughly dried, disinfected and cleaned so that mold doesn’t get a chance to develop. Penn Jersey can do all this for you and more. Our 24/7 service includes removing all sewage, drying out all areas including carpet, padding, wooden floors, walls and ceiling. Our cleanup and restoration process includes disinfection and thorough odor removal and any repairs required.

Protect Your Health
With Penn Jersey

At Penn Jersey, we provide expert sewage cleanup services to get your property cleaned, disinfected and dry as fast as possible. After all, sewer water is extremely dangerous. It can contain a deadly combination of bacteria, virus, and harmful parasites that live in sewage. This can then transfer to you through the air, contact with skin or from being accidentally ingested. People suffering with serious illnesses, elderly people and also young children are particularly at risk from becoming seriously ill. But, the stark reality is that the dangerous contaminants in sewage can become fatal to anyone. That's why, home and business owners should never attempt to cleanup sewer water themselves. This can have dangerous repercussions.

Understanding the Health Risks of Sewage Spillage

As we’ve covered, raw sewage poses a very real health risk. The majority of illnesses that come from sewage contamination are caused by pathogens in the sewage. Pathogens are biological cells and agents which result in illness when they pass into the body. Bacteria, viruses and parasites are example of pathogens found in raw sewage.

All of these pathogens have the potential to cause short-term illness as well as more serious disease and infection. Most sewage-related illness involves diarrhoea and vomiting but usually passes within a few days. However, it can be much more serious with diseases such as Hepatitis A, Leptospirosis and Cryptosporidium and Giardia all found in raw sewage.

This further highlights the real need to deal with sewage backup quickly and efficiently. The sooner you call us, the sooner we can deal with your emergency and ensure any risk to health in and around your premises is kept to a minimum. Our speed and diligence ensure any spillages or contamination is kept to a minimum. We respond quickly to ensure your business is able to be back up and running with no risk to public health or that of your employees.

Limit the damage with our 24/7 sewage backup cleaning service

Sewage is packed with harmful materials which can cause severe damage to both buildings and their inhabitants. If left untreated it can cause severe health problems while leaving buildings uninhabitable. Any sewage that comes into your property must be dealt with quickly and by properly-equipped, trained experts. Penn Jersey are those experts. If your property or building becomes flooded with sewage, we will be there with you fast. Our sewage backup cleaning team takes an organized and methodical approach to clearing out debris, decontaminating, cleaning and disinfecting the affected areas, making sure that all harmful micro-organisms are removed safely. Our priority is to limit the damage from getting worse, repair and restore your property to how it should be. You can rest assure that you and your property are in safe hands with Penn Jersey.

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