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Is your Favorite Philadelphia Restaurant as Clean as you Think?

Cleanliness in the food industry is essential but how do you know if your favorite local eatery is really clean?

In Philadelphia we are lucky to have a wide range of fantastic restaurants to choose from. Many have fantastic ratings and loyal patrons who come back weekly but how do you know whether the eatery you’ve chosen is really clean. CDC estimates 48 million people get sick from food-borne diseases every year with as many as 3000 dying. Of course, not all food-borne disease is linked to eating out at restaurants but a food poisoning outbreak from an unclean eatery can spread very quickly. Public health officials say food poisoning is underreported and there have been no major outbreaks traced to Philadelphia restaurants in recent years. This doesn’t mean patrons should not be vigilant and even low-level cleanliness issues should be taken note of. Slime backing up drains and causing restaurants to close temporarily has been found as recently as this month. Sometimes restauranteurs aren’t to blame whereas in other cases lack of proper controls and systems in place to manage hygiene and cleanliness are the problem. Professional restaurant cleaning companies such as ours can help put the systems in place to ensure you comply with basic hygiene standards. We can also help to provide deep cleans and a level of cleaning for certain elements of your business like ceiling cleaning where professional equipment is required.

Keeping Tabs on your Favorite Philadelphia Restaurants

Philadelphia locals can keep check on their favorite restaurants and any health or hygiene concerns on the Clean Plates website. The website includes a searchable database with all the latest restaurant inspections and goes all the way back to 2009. Both centrally located restaurants and those around certain areas can be focused in on. It covers every kind of food establishment from restaurants to schools and even jails and nursing homes. Suburban restaurants are also listed. The site also collates all the latest news stories relating to food safety, court cases involving restaurant closures and any public health issues in the food and hospitality sector. The knowledge we need to avoid the worst establishments is there but there are also some basic things anyone can do when visiting a restaurant to check it’s a clean place to eat.

Signs to Look Out for When Visiting a New Restaurant

There are some basic warning signs which may tell you to turn away when visiting a new restaurant. If you’re trying to gauge whether the eatery, you’re visiting is clean and safe, always consider these points:

Outdoor Spaces

We’ve already talked about how the exterior of any premises creates its first impression. If the restaurant has any outdoor space, how does it appear? Is the patio or outdoor seating properly looked after? Are tables left cluttered and is there any trash on the ground? Dropped food left under tables or any debris is a sign the basic levels of cleaning required are not being carried out. If it’s a busy time you may overlook this, especially if you can see staff working hard. However, if you’re not happy with what you see outside, the inside may not live up to expectations either.

Look up and down, as well as around

Restaurant ceilings are a clear sign of how well the premises is being kept. Often professional cleaning is required, and good eateries ensure they work with the right cleaning partners to ensure their ceilings are kept in the best condition. Odors, discoloration and even germs and bacteria can build up quickly in ceiling tiles. The same can be said of carpeting and hard flooring, which is why when you look around the restaurant, you should look at floors and ceilings as well as the cleanliness of the tables and bar areas.

Check the Bathrooms

Public bathrooms can easily become a dangerous place where bacteria and germs can grow very quickly. The cleanliness of the bathroom can be an indication of a restaurant’s cleanliness in general. In some premises the staff use the same bathroom as patrons too, so you have to consider those handling your food will be using the facilities, however clean or dirty they are. Tell-tale signs of an improperly cleaned restaurant include dirty bathroom floors, lack of toilet paper and unclean cubicles which aren’t properly wiped out.

Professional Philadelphia Restaurant Cleaning

Penn Jersey is proud to provide high quality cleaning services for many of Philadelphia’s top restaurants. Our services incorporate everything from kitchen sanitization to full restoration cleaning after an accident or emergency. Keeping your kitchen and unseen areas clean is paramount to running a successful business and your front of house should always create a great impression for all who visit. We can help ensure your business is both clean and an inviting place for all your customers. Contact us today to discuss your Philadelphia restaurant cleaning needs.

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